So are you regretting upgrading to 10.5.2 as much as I am?

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I’ve had 10.5.2 on my Macbook Pro for about 48 hours now, and they have been nothing short of miserable. On four separate occasions now the computer has frozen for no reason, and I’ve had to do a hard restart to get it going again.

My Samson Q1U USB Microphone now no longer works in Garageband for some reason. Now it sounds like someone is crumpling tinfoil everytime I speak into it. The mic works fine in Audacity, but each time I attempt to use the mic the computer freezes up after a minute or two of recording.

On top of all of the Safari is still crashing like crazy if I have more than 3 tabs open at once.

So…needless to say…I’m not happy.

How about you? Any problems since the upgrade?

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75 thoughts on “So are you regretting upgrading to 10.5.2 as much as I am?

  1. i have upgraded about 8 of my computers. iMacs, MacPros, MacBooks, and xServes i have yet to have a problem with anything.

  2. No problems whatsoever here. It sounds like you have a problem above and beyond the update. Maybe time for an archive and install?
    Good Luck!!

  3. Yeah, my new iMac froze up last night after I updated, and when I rebooted, it just sat at the blank grey screen at the beginning. I finally unplugged everything except the power cord and keyboard, and it rebooted fine.

    I think I’ll hold off on updating my MacBook for a while.

  4. No problems on my MacBook, iMac, and my Mac Mini. I have one tiny issue on my MBP, and it’s that the default “computer name & apple logo” screensaver shows up about 1 of 5 times that my regular screen saver turns on.

  5. No problems whatsoever on my 18-month-old MacBook Pro. In fact, everything has been running smoother and faster with far, far fewer spinning beachballs ever since upgrading to Leopard. Big thumbs up.

  6. My upgrades (2 Intel iMacs, a MBP, and a Dual G5) all went fine. I’ve had no problems.

    I’ve never had a particular problem with safari crashing. It’s not uncommon for me to have literally >100 tabs open between various windows.

  7. I’ve updated 2 of my 5 Macs to 10.5.2 and my main machine, a dual 2.7GHz G5, has had nothing but trouble.

    I “did the right thing” and downloaded the combo updater and applied it. When I rebooted things seemed to work for about 5 seconds then the machine started freezing and various applications crashed. It took me 4 or 5 reboots to figure out that Linotype Fontexplorer and 10.5.2 is a bad mix. If you have it TURN IT OFF!!! It will cause lots of problems.

    Even after I figured out that Linotype was causing some issues I still have sluggish performance at times and strange anomalous behavior including crashes of various applications. I’m still trying to troubleshoot them and tracking down all the error reports via the console.

    I sure hope your experience is better than mine.

  8. i had updated yesterday night on my MBP (while being offside in the hotel).

    All went fine, except for one nasty bug with and non ASCII foldernames (i am german…).

    then i installed Aperture 2 (iPhoto got incredibly slow with my 24000+ picture collection.

    Now GarageSale is dead (doesn’t even start up).

    Otherwise the system is fine.

    I will update the 2 other macs @home (iMac 17″ and MacBook) on the weekend.

  9. My G4 Cube upgraded to 1.2 had Wi-Fi range cut to 1/3. Other reported the same. No more PS 7.0., so I back graded to 10.4.11 and Wi-fi back ok.
    I think the G4 will stay at 10.4.11.

  10. No problems here, update is working fine, Safari crashes sometimes but this was already the case with 10.5.1. I think the Adobe flash plug-in is buggy…

    Intel iMac and MacBook Pro.

  11. MBP 2.33 Duo, 3 GB, 250 GB: After doing the usual pre-update preps: running YASU along with a second restart, everything seems fine. No problems with Safari. Just out of interest did you do a thorough maintenance before updating? Cheers.

  12. I had Safari crashing within 2 minutes every time I loaded it. Deleted the .plist files with no changes. Finally deleted AdBlock and no more issues

  13. The 10.5.2/graphics update 1.0 fixed an issue where under 10.5.1, after waking from sleep, my G4 iMac’s LCD went nuts, forcing me to reboot. Now the machine goes to sleep and wakes up with a working screen, but it causes the system icons in the menu bar to hang. Beach ball of death. My solution has been to alter the energy saver settings in System Preferences so that the machine never goes to sleep, but the display still does. I haven’t had this problem with any version of Leopard(so far), on my G4 Mac mini, or the Safari crashes(because I use Camino), but I certainly hope that Apple recognizes and fixes this issue quickly.

  14. It’s sad and scary. I’m a recent switcher and I experience different freezes and other problems I never had on my Windows machines. It even seems, that on a Mac things can go really bad much easier, than on Windows. Of course, I’m not switching back, but this is troubling… And I definitely can’t agree, that “Mac just works”. All computers suck! I’m so sick of it all. 🙁

  15. @VSilly

    that might be true if I’d been having any problems at all prior to the update. I’m open to the idea that it may be something else, but it happened immediately after the update – I’m not ready to archive and install just yet.

  16. Mostly good from my machines, a mix of PPCs and Intels, both laptop and desktop. Two issues remain on the desktops that are related to sleep. One machine will not even turn off it’s monitors, odds are it’s a wacom issue since shutting off the Cinque 21UX gets around the issue. Also just sleep in general, the machines will not do it on their own, you must select it from the menu for it to happen.

  17. 10.5.2 giving me trouble with my external FW drive have to turn drive off then on then it will work. why cant things just work the first time?
    I guess im asking for to much.

  18. My update works with nothing out of the ordinary yet (MB 2.2). But, when I first updated on Monday, Fontbook did not properly add new fonts. To clarify, it would show that it is adding the font(s), but then when the loading is complete the fonts are not in the library. But that problem seems to have resolved itself.

  19. I have upgraded my MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Macbooks. Everything went fine.

    I would think you could back rev via TimeMachine.
    Boot from the Leopard install dvd.
    Pick the menu for the TimeMachine restore.
    Choose to restore the day before you did Leopard.
    Let it do it’s thing.
    Once you get back in restore your Docs.

  20. My experience was not horrible but Mail keeps crashing now and my weather dashboard widget is now invisible. I can add it but nothing appears.

  21. No issues here on MacPro, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. With Safari, I commonly run with 50-60 tabs open. Again, no issues.

  22. I updated on my Mini and MacBook.

    Both machines stopped recognizing the hard drive connected to my AirPort I used for Time Machine.

  23. Saved files to external hard drive “just in case”. Ran update on my iMac G5. It installed, but then stayed with the cursor on the “blue screen” until I cut power and restarted, then it restarted twice by itself. Since then, things have been fine.

  24. Hi Michael,

    For your mic problem try this :

    Plug the mic
    Open Audio/MIDI Setup (in Utility folder)
    In the Audio tab, be sure that Audio input is set to “Line In”
    Choose “Line In” in propriety drop down menu
    —> (Source must show “Line In”) If Format is set to 44100,0 Hz change it to 48000,0 Hz
    —> Then, change back the format to its initial value (441000,0 Hz)
    This -sometimes- refresh the clock and solve the “crumpled tinfoil” sound.

    Quit Audio/MIDI Setup
    Open GarageBand and refresh the Audio value in its Preferences (Line In).

    It should work (by experience, it is not only a 10.5.2 issue)

    Hope this work

  25. I’m seeing more stable and faster performance out of my 24″ iMac Intel C2D 2.4Mhz. My network performance has increased as well (Airport Extreme) – it was dog slow before the update, much faster now.

    We are not noticing any drastic improvements (or problems) on my daughter’s 20″ iMac Intel CD 2.0MHz machine.

  26. No problems on a first generation MacBook Pro. I used it for several hours last night. Mostly Safari with multiple tabs and never had an issue. One thing is that I normally keep Plug-ins off in Safari’s preferences to block flash-ads. I did watch a quicktime or flash movie (not sure which) though which means that Plug-ins were on briefly at least.

    I used the Software Update install (180 MB). After I installed, my Apple blue-tooth mighty mouse was acting jittery but I just rebooted one more time and haven’t seen any problems.

  27. Not a single problem at all on my one year old iMac. I don’t even remember when or if safari has ever crashed on this system.

  28. I haven’t had any major problems on my 2006 15″ MBP CD, and I like the new features. However, 10.5.2 didn’t fix my problems with being unable to automatically connect to wifi networks, and after turning off the menu transparency, I noticed that a line of 1 or two pixels at the bottom of the menu bar (right side of screen) is cut off. My trackpad stopped responding for a few seconds yesterday too. The graphics update has been good so far, though, and as I said before, no major problems. I especially like the way stacks have been cleaned up. Dashboard is a lot smoother too, although I still get a few graphical glitches with the ripple effect, and I had to force the Dock to quit once because Dashboard stopped responding.

  29. my intel imac actually crashed during the update. After a reboot, it wasn’t bad, but I haven’t really tried it out yet. Is it just me or did the start up on the computer’s change. I know it sounds crazy, but it feels like it takes longer, and there’s this weird blue blank screen that just hangs there for a few seconds that I never really noticed happening before. Maybe I’m just crazy…

  30. My first attempt at update of my G5 2x2GHz through Software Update failed with an invalid download. The combo update did the trick but then the G5 was taking up to 6 minutes to boot. The problem was that I did not have my Epson firewire scanner powered up at boot. The 10.5.2 IOKit appears to be far less tolerant of that then 10.5.1.

  31. No real problems. Word 2008 seems super slow to launch, but then PowerPoint 2008 was very snappy, so maybe it is just Word being Word.

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