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Nowadays, there are two main factors that explain the appearance of the virtual boardroom portal market. The first one was about a group of progressive directors who, passionate about technology and tired of huge paper document turnover, aimed to switch to electronic meeting materials. The second factor was the adoption of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. This important piece of legislation was passed in response to a series of accounting scandals of the time. It was this process that attracted attention to online board portals as a management tool.

How to choose the best board portal for your company? Read the review to the end and find out all the details.

What is a board portal?

The board portal of directors is a last-generation electronic tool that facilitates a trustworthy digital connection between members of the Board of Directors. With the help of this software, effective management is carried out within the organization. Also, such board portals include messaging functions, voting services, meeting minutes, agenda functions, and some other tools to make communication as smooth as possible.

Virtual board software provides communication between the board members and the board of directors. This is a reliable, secure, and uninterrupted tool. That is why the board portal software is considered one of the best digital products for effective business deals.

If you have decided to switch to digital document management for your company, and for now you are in a deep search of the optimal software, the board portal software buying guide is presented below for you.

How to choose the best board portal for your company?

The thing is that most of these portals come with similar functions, so in order to choose the best service, it is important to evaluate the features of particular software, prices, and experience with organizations, similar to yours.

  • Stability and reputation

Find out how long the board portal provider has been working on the market and how long it will still exist. Are these providers doing well financially and operationally? Is it a company that produces a single product, or does it have a wide range of offers with which it can generate more revenue?

Look for a supplier you can rely on in the long run. It’s unwise to purchase a solution from a company that will leave the industry in a couple of months.

  • Flexibility

This is one of the most important criteria for choosing the best board portal. You need to understand how well the provider company can adapt to the needs of your organization. Remember that a supplier of the flexible portal for the online board meeting will take into account your comments and feedback.

Also, such a developer will make the necessary adjustments to your board portal or your subscription plan. Choose a vendor who will take the time and effort to truly customize an online board management software so that it best meets the needs of your organization.

  • Support and physical presence

Explore the support options of the portal provider and find out if they can give you adequate assistance, as well as find out where their office is located geographically. It will be better if you can contact them for help not only online but also in person at the physical company’s office.

Also, you should discover what kind of training they offer and how often customers can use it. Evaluate the commitment of the board of directors portal provider to support their customers. Find out if it has the resources and capabilities to provide reliable service to your enterprise in the first place.

  • Security methods

Since online portals collect and keep crucial business data, it is incredibly important that a particular provider comes with the highest security model that suits you. What safety standards does the supplier adhere to? Where will this data be stored? Are there any backup servers? Learn whether their safety measures and data storage functions meet the needs of your organization.

  • Customer reviews

Check out customer reviews and find out what other customers are saying about working with a particular paperless meeting solution developer you have in mind. Consider the history of their work and whether they have successfully met the expectations of clients over the years. Keep in mind that you want to buy a product from a supplier who can fully fulfill the promises given to you.


Picking the right board portal software provider for your organization is one of the crucial business solutions you have to manage. This is especially true if you plan to use it as a long-term investment and establish a long-term relationship with a vendor. Using the recommendations above, you will be able to carefully consider the options for choosing a supplier and ultimately make the right decision.


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