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TryHackMe: Why You Should Consider a Career in Cyber Security and How to Train to Get There


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Digital technologies are vital in this era because they improve communication, business operations, data generation, collection, and storage. As a result of internet availability and affordability, companies and people have taken their social lives online, and anyone can now access a lot of information than a decade before.

At the same time, reports about data breaches and hacking have become more popular now than ever because criminals have jumped into this space with the aim of stealing corporate and individual data. Because of that, cyber security has become an important area of career growth in the present era. Every industry requires security experts to help organizations improve their IT security infrastructure and protect themselves. So there is an increased demand for cybersecurity services and experts to help organizations protect themselves from any compromise.

So if you’re here because you’re wondering how to get into cyber security, this article will tell you why you should pursue a career in cybersecurity. It also highlights training that offers a wealth of learning opportunities, career progression, and the satisfaction of identifying exploitable vulnerabilities.

Why Consider a Career in Cyber Security

Unlimited Opportunities

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field, and the demand for qualified professionals is high. Experts understand the value of assets, how to identify potential exploits, and implement proper responses to eliminate or minimize compromise. They can work in all industries and organizations as well as at various levels. You can choose to specialize or focus on a specific area, such as design, crafting security policies, training on security rules, and more. Therefore there are plenty of cybersecurity jobs to be filled going into the future.

The Role Has a Real Impact

Like a doctor defending a pacemaker in a senior, a qualified cyber security professional has a huge impact on the digital and physical worlds. Cybersecurity is a discipline that has a real-world impact because it protects systems, networks, and online data from unauthorized persons or from being compromised.

Good Salaries

Professionals in this field are well paid, particularly once their careers are established, and their salary is ever increasing. Actually, most cyber professionals earn six figures or higher when they have expertise and certifications. Further, there are plenty of job opportunities because nearly every industry or organization needs a qualified cyber security expert, either in-house or on contract to identify vulnerabilities in the system and network and minimize attacks.

Ability to Advance

The demand for cyber security professionals is higher, so individuals in this field can advance if they choose to do so. Compared to medicine, cyber security is at present an unregulated industry you can progress as you earn additional skill sets, degrees, and certifications through training.

Security professionals can choose to be employed or self-employed. In fact, technology has helped companies to outsource cybersecurity services from any part of the world. Because of that, you can jump into the cyber career space and work independently.

The Training You Need to Get Into Cyber Security

The career path of a cybersecurity professional depends on the industry and your passion. Getting additional training can improve your employability in this low-unemployment field. The new skillset can help you find work easily and consistently.

Here is one of the hands-on cyber security training that can help you and your organization test their security.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming in Cyber Security

Organizations are looking for employees who can think or act like attackers in order to expose potential security gaps, patch vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks. Red teaming is a vital defense strategy because it enables security professionals to gather insights, make conclusions, and support decision-making. Indeed a company with a red team is able to identify potential vulnerabilities across its networks and systems easily and quickly.

The red team hacker academy launched this training to provide organizations and individuals a host of learning opportunities and advanced skillsets to enable them to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities and tactics to execute adversary attack emulations.

Some of the core responsibilities of red team hackers include:

  • Attempt to enter unrestricted areas
  • Emulate hackers to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Bypass host-based security solutions
  • Manipulate users to share network credentials using social engineering tactics

The goal is to evaluate and provide insights or actionable data that organizations can use to mitigate attacks from cybercriminals. TryHackMe uses a new, more advanced red team pathway to stimulate a potential adversary attack in real-world instances.


Cyber security practices and techniques are designed to help enterprises secure their systems, networks, and data against access by unauthorized individuals. Training helps individuals and organizations take test security and identify vulnerabilities using an attacker-like approach.

TryHackMe launched a new, more advanced red team pathway to train people on how to stimulate potential adversary attacks. Undergoing this training equips your employees to handle challenges and exposes them to boundless career opportunities and other fantastic benefits.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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