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apple art

I’ve always thought that the iPhone is the only camera the average person needs. While I am no photography enthusiast, I did have my fair share of digital cameras – from the compact ones to a DSLR. It reached the point where I ditched all of them, though, and stuck to my iPhone.

Enthusiasts of the art – and pros – may disagree, of course, but these stunning photos and artwork created using Apple products are a testament to what one can do without more expensive gear.

As Apple’s dedicated page, Start Something New, states, “it happened almost by accident”; “Travel photographer Austin Mann was driving along the Icelandic coast when a bank of fog lifted to reveal the biggest glacier he had ever seen. To reach it and get the shot, Mann left all his gear in the car, put his iPhone 6 Plus in his pocket, and climbed down a steep rock face — at times on all fours. He then snapped this epic photo in panorama mode.”

The result? Breathtaking photographs that even pros would appreciate.

Apple art

apple art

You can see all the photos and behind-the-scenes videos on Austin Mann’s web site.

Apple has a gallery called “Start Something New”, which features “Apple art” – pieces that were made on an Apple product.

This one’s by Nomoco using the iPad Air 2 + Brushes Redux.


Here’s another breathtaking set of photos taken with the iPhone 6 and VSCO Cam.


Take a look at the entire gallery and get some inspiration for the next time you feel artsy. All you need are your Apple products.

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