VIDEO: Apple airs “Laptop Hunter” Counter Ads

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Apple has been quick to respond to the “Laptop Hunter” ads by Microsoft. The new series of ads (4 in all) mostly take shots at PCs. From their many viruses in “Biohazard Suit”, to how the only way to say that a PC works right is to include a full screen of legal jargon in “Legal Copy”. My favorite, though, is the one above. “Time Traveler” has PC making a voyage to the future to see if PCs will ever work right…of course…when he gets their the PC of the future freezes up before he can answer the question as to whether they will ever work like they’re supposed to.

The final of the four ads reveals some of the new features of “iPhoto”. It looks like this campaign was already up and going, then stopped mid-stream to turn into attack ads…I say that only because of the balance of attack vs. non-attack ads in the mix.

The back and forth advertising is amusing. Both companies are doing a bang-up job distorting the truth. It’s only going to get crazier from here.

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Apple airs “Laptop Hunter” Counter Ads

  1. great new ads from apple…I have so missed these…I am bored with the continuous iPhone commercials

    good to see apple back at the great new ads

    love it

    the iphoto one is great…all those stacks of pictures is hot

  2. “Both companies are doing a bang-up job distorting the truth.”

    I love this line.

    Personally, I am a *huge* Mac fan (and getting ready to buy another one despite the fact that I could get something cheaper with Windows on it.) BUT… I tire of the truth distortion.

    I like the time travel ad, except my first thought was will the Mac/PC question even be an issue then.

    My favorite of the new batch is the iPhoto one, specifically because it is a super kick-butt feature of the new iLife and it doesn’t distort truth in the slightest. Can’t wait to play with the new iLife.

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