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ipocket drive

It used to be that an iPhone with 8GB of storage space was more than enough. Especially if you didn’t download too many apps and didn’t store a lot of media.

These days, though, even 16GB is not enough!

I don’t even have any music on my iPhone, and the other day, I realized my storage was down to about 300MB.

The culprit? Photos and videos.

Of course, I could go the iCloud route and upgrade my account. Then again, I could go get an iPocket Drive, which is basically a flash drive for Apple devices.

While I do think iCloud is an efficient solution, there is something about being able to remove files from a mobile device quickly – and even without Internet connection.

The iPocket Drive was an Indiegogo project that was very successfully funded – a testament that quite a bunch of people think it’s cool.

It can serve as an instant backup, with a one-tap button. It comes in 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128GB. It is also compatible with Mac or PC.

Here’s another great feature: it can be used to charge your iPhone or iPad directly from any USB port. No more cables!

Here’s a presentation video for more information.

You can buy the iPocket Drive from their online shop, starting at $59.97 (for the 8GB model).

Yes, the Drive is a little pricey, but if you’ve got cash to spare, and you want another mode of storage (maybe on top of iCloud even), then it’s worth considering.

The devices are currently on sale, so if you’re interested, better click on that link now.

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