Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for the iPhone 6/6 Plus Available for Pre-order

olloclip iphone 6 lens

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Photography enthusiasts will be familiar with the Olloclip brand, which won the CEA Innovation Entrepreneur Award this year.

With its range of products, Olloclip gave the iPhone and iPad (and Samsung, for that matter) the ability to take something different from run-of-the-mill photos. The company did so by bringing different lenses to the iPhone, lenses that are usually only available for digital cameras.

olloclip iphone 6 lens

With Olloclip’s success with the iPhone 4 lens, it is not surprising that they are launching a new product for the latest iPhones – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Olloclip iPhone 6 lens set contains:

  • Fisheye
  • Wide-angle
  • Macro 10x
  • Macro 15x

Completely redesigned for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the lenses are pocket-sized – perfect for wherever you go – and works for both the front and rear cameras. As the manufacturers say, the former will give you so much more when you take your selfies…

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A convenient factor about the Olloclip iPhone 6 lens set is that all lenses clip onto your phone without needing other parts. That fits well with people who tend to lose stuff, especially those little parts. Additionally, the set comes with 3 “colorful pendants”, not that it should really matter as that’s only icing on the cake, really.

What matters more is that the lenses can work with any photo and video apps, so you won’t have any issues with compatibility.

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If you have used Olloclip before, and you’ve upgraded to the new iPhones, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on this new set. If you haven’t used Olloclip, but you’re an avid (amateur or pro?) photographer, then don’t waste time.

The Olloclip iPhone 6 lens set is available for pre-order at $79.99. You can choose from five different color combinations (lens and clip). Shipping is estimated to be some time in November.

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