Meet the UNITI Stand: the All-In-One Stand for Mac Devices

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I am not the most organized person in the world, but there is something about having all your Apple devices lined up in a row, so to speak. In my world, docks and stands are inherent to owning Apple products, as you do not want to simply leave them lying around prone to being knocked down to the floor or being stepped on.

The thing is, if you have multiple devices, your desk can easily get cluttered. What’s the solution?

Here’s one: the UNITI Stand, which is an ongoing Kickstarter project. The idea is simple: it’s a stand for the iMac, but also takes into consideration all your other Apple devices. Its key highlights:

  • Elevates your monitor to provide better posture. iMacs and Thunderbolt monitors can be positioned at two viewing heights.
  • Dual front USB 3.0 ports and 3.5 mm audio jack provide convenience and multi-tasking support.
  • Detachable cradle(s) is interchangeable and removable to suit your preferences.
  • Integrated charging system is universal and accommodates virtually all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Nesting spot to tuck away the keyboard, mouse, and other items on your desk.
  • Stand and cradle(s) manufactured from “aircraft-grade” aluminum. Made in the USA.

As you can see, the stand is very sleek and fits right in with Apple design.

Like it? Make the UNITI Stand a reality by pitching in:

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