This iPhone Charging Cable Also Gives Additional Storage

iphone charging cable plus additional storage

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While the iPhone is the best phone in our book, not having enough storage has always been a slight issue, and because Apple hasn’t provided a slot for additional storage, users don’t have many options – the main one is to purchase a model with bigger storage space. And we know how that goes.

The bigger the storage space, the more you have to shell out, and not everyone can afford that price difference.

If you’re getting low on storage, and you don’t want to delete anything from your phone, here’s one solution: PhotoFast’s MemoryCable.

Whatever name you want to call it, the function of the accessory can be summed up in one short phrase: iPhone charging cable plus additional storage.

The additional storage comes in the form of a USB stick. Not impressed?

That’s understandable, I suppose, but what adds to the appeal of theMemoryCable is that you can do other things with it.

  • Automatically back up data
  • Manage data (music, photos, etc.)
  • Use Dropbox and Google Drive accounts

MFi, MemoryCable basically gives you all the storage you need even if you’re a photo/video/app hoarder.


  • Lightning and USB 3.0
  • iOS 7/8 compatible
  • Mac OS X, Windows 7/8/XP compatible
  • weight: 9.4 g
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus, and iPad Air/Air 2/Mini

In order to use MemoryCable, you need to install an app called i-FlashDrive ONE, which is free.

The one drawback is that it is not capable of syncing. Also, PhotoFast has not released any information regarding the price. You can check their product page to learn more about the accessory.

Want another option? Here you go: Flex-Card: Universal Data Storage for Every Device

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