Angry Apple Fan wants “Silence” During Schiller Keynote

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Lesa Snider King is mad at Apple – and she’s not shy about it. She is calling for a “silent protest” at the Phil Schiller Keynote to let Apple know how upset you are about Apple abandoning Macworld.

Here’s her take on the situation:

On Tuesday, Dec. 16 Apple Inc. announced that Steve Jobs would not do the keynote at the 2009 Macworld Conference & Expo. That’s okay. They also announced that they would no longer attend the conference in the future. That’s not okay. For 25 years, a very loyal and passionate Mac community has descended upon the halls of Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA to see, hear, and learn more about the computers they love. By announcing their departure from this beloved show hosted by IDG, Apple is sending a message to the entire community–professionals, hobbyists, media, Mac User Groups, and even IDG themselves–that they care nothing for the community who supported them through thick and thin.

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I can’t say that I share her rage – but I’m sure some of you do. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I think Apple is making a good move here. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple one day held their own San Francisco based event much like Macworld after it dies. Apple is the reason the show is successful, and without it, I don’t think it’ll last.

I wouldn’t think it was out of the realm of possibility, though, for Apple to host their own event (so they can make the actual money off the thing) once Macworld is gone.

What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Angry Apple Fan wants “Silence” During Schiller Keynote

  1. I think you are onto something. Apple having its own conference/expo eventually makes sense to me. ’tis the time of change.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of “hurt puppy” commentary & analysis; Lesa’s “rage” doesn’t move me at all. She’d do better to keep her emotional attachments for her plushies & not her equipment.

  3. This quote made me laugh…
    “that they care nothing for the community who supported them through thick and thin.”
    Didn’t they do that long ago with the release of Leopard? Apple is a gadget maker and long ago gave up hand holding with those who helped build her up. The child is grown… and quite frankly she’s a snotty brat.

  4. I’d say that given the cost of a hotel and flight, and the expo tickets that ensure keynote seating, people may be justifiably frustrated that Jobs won’t speak at the keynote. If some are only going to SF to see Jobs address the masses in person.. well.. I’d be working to get refunds through my credit cards at light-speed if I were in that position.

    I don’t understand what throwing a silent “I’m going to hold my breath until you do what I want” temper tantrum will accomplish though.

    I’ve only attended one expo and one keynote. I was there when Jobs introduced the iPhone. While I have to say that it was great to finally see a keynote in person, and meeting the lovely british lady working for Parallels in line was great (wish I’d gotten her #), that’s not what I was at the expo for.

    I was at that expo, to meet with Apple employees, in person, make eye contact, to try to enhance *my business*.

    In the end, I didn’t get what I really wanted out of the expo. Apple killed the program most of the people I was meeting were attached to. I met a rep from Crucial when we shared a cab, that worked out well. And yes, I did get to see Jobs speak, I did get to flirt with a lovely british lady that vanished before i got her number…. But I never felt I got my money’s worth. I spent about the cost of a maxed-out 15″ MacBook Pro. Seeing Kevin Smith was fun though. So was the O’Grady’s meeting at Mel’s Diner.

    If people wanted to put this type of energy into voicing frustration about Apple’s depreciating FireWire in favor of USB *spits*, maybe I could get behind it…

  5. I do not care. Apple should announce their new products when they are ready. No need to rush or to delay to hit an external set date.

  6. I just don’t agree with Apple’s logic here.

    I would rather introduce a mostly finished product at MacWorld with 2000 screaming fans going nuts over it, over a private media event with a dozen yawning reporters.

    Anyone see the iPod Hi-Fi introduction? Down in flames. How about the most recent iPods? Borrrringggg.

  7. I’m not participating. I like Phil and I’ll applaud like mad to support him. He’s been given a very tough assignment.

  8. apple gets to decide what is their best interests…

    and this cry baby is very annoying…there is real apple news i want to read about…not this whinny baby because she doesnt get what she wants…insanity

    apple is right to want to release their products on their terms…they have enough trouble with leaks and rumors…and for them to feel they have to WOW everyone at Macworld is unnerving and NOT how apple works

    besides i have a bad taste for anything that has the name Macworld attached to it since having been censored on the web site and since i spoke up to chris breen for his rude and inappropriate handling of the issue…i will not be engaging them ever again…for one person to have that kind of power is dangerous for everyone…now i will get off my soapbox for the moment

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