The Harber Leather MacBook Sleeve – It’s All About Luxurious Protection

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When it comes to protecting our beloved MacBooks (and its different variations), we tend not to skimp. We have, after all, spent a considerable sum on the device. We might as well shell out a bit more to make sure it doesn’t fall under the category of “accidental damage” if (knock on wood) we ever have to take it to the Apple Store for repair.

Yes, I know a thing or two about “accidental damage”, but that’s a story for another day.

Today, it’s all about the Harber Leather MacBook Sleeve. Sure, I haven’t had the chance to travel much to actually expose this sleeve to my usual activities, but it gave me a chance to pretend I was going to a cafe or to the airport (even though the destination was the grocery store) and pack up my mobile office.

Before I continue, let me say that our friends from Harber London graciously sent over this sleeve for me to try out. That being said, this review is an honest, unbiased opinion based on my experience using the sleeve.

Shipping and Packaging

Harber offers international shipping via FedEx, and boy, are they fast! When you place your order, the item/s will be dispatched the next working day. Sometimes, they say it can even be on the same day. Regular shipping (FedEx Tracked Worldwide Delivery) takes 4-6 working days, but if you are in a rush, choose the Express option (1-3 days). Fees will be calculated on checkout.

Being half a world away, I expected that shipping would take a while, especially with the quarantines all over the place. You can imagine my surprise when FedEx dropped the item off within a week!

Isn’t that packaging just unassuming? I like how it stays true to the minimalistic ethos of Apple.

Feel and Look

Packaging, check. What about the sleeve itself? Take a look for yourself.

The front is made of lovely thick wool felt, which is then accentuated with full grain vegetable tanned leather pockets. The back is full-on leather…unbelievable supple! I wish you could smell and feel what I did when I took the sleeve out of the envelope.

I’ve had my fair share of MacBook sleeves and cases (from hard shell ones to those that look like leather-bound books to slim padded ones), and I have to say that this leather MacBook sleeve surpasses all of them in terms of look and feel. It’s so simple but you cannot deny its elegance – click on the images and zoom (really zoom) in to see the quality of the material.


One needs more than good looks to make it in life, though (or not?), so how does the Harber Leather MacBook Sleeve stack up? I’m rating this a 10 out of 10 based on my needs.

One, does it look good? I believe I’ve said my piece on the matter.

Two, does it hold my MacBook Pro snuggly? Definitely. A perfect fit, if I say so myself.

Harber Leather MacBook Sleeve

Three, can I go out and just take the sleeve with me without the need for other bulky carriers? In my case, yes. The front pockets are enough to hold a phone, some pens, and maybe even a thin wallet.

Four, will it protect my laptop from bumps and scratches? Light bumps and scratches, definitely. A 3-meter fall into a concrete floor, well, you might have to accept getting a dent or two. To be honest, I didn’t put that 3-meter thing to the test; but the sleeve proved worthy in spite of the number of times I put – and took out – my laptop (encased in the sleeve) in my bag. If you’ve seen the inside of my bag (an experience I shall spare you, for your sake), then you will be convinced – if you aren’t yet – that this sleeve can hold its own against keys, pens, and other interesting things we may have in our bags.

My recommendation

This sleeve is worth your while. It’s easy on the eyes, convenient to carry around (on its own or in your regular bag), and it gives your MacBook some luxurious loving.

Harber has a host of other items for Apple products as well as wallets and bags, so check their shop out. I guarantee you’ll find at least one thing you like.

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