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With the pandemic currently looming over the world, lockdowns are still in place in most countries. Places like restaurants, pubs, and bars remain closed to the public until further notice. Some have even closed up for good due to economic reasons. As such, it can be expected that you won’t be hitting up bars and clubs anytime soon. And this is such a sad realization, especially now that the holidays are coming.

A season of celebrations, the holidays are all about gatherings with your loved ones. If you want some booze to complement the season, you’ll just have to take it upon yourself to learn how to make good quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Now, making cocktails isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s not just about mixing different drinks and shaking them all together. There are different recipes and techniques for making great cocktails.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are apps that you can download to help you make amazing cocktails. Some of these apps provide real-time instructions, too, so you’re guided as you make cocktails. If you don’t know much about cocktails, these apps will also provide you with recipes to try your hands on. These tools will definitely make your holidays merrier. Here are some of the best bartender apps to level up your holiday gatherings.

Cocktail Flow

best bartender appFor beginners, this app called Cocktail Flow is certainly a must on your iPhone or iPad. It provides a vast selection of cocktail recipes so it can cater to each and every taste palette. The app itself has a sleek design as well as a user-friendly interface. Cocktail Flow can guide you step by step on how to create good-quality cocktails. If you have a base spirit in mind, you can simply search for that within the app and it will provide you a list of cocktail recipes related to the base spirit.

One of its main features is its Around the World collections. Here, you can see for yourself what the popular cocktails are in different countries. If you have a themed-party going on, this feature may prove to be useful. Should you have tasting notes on the recipes that you decide to try, you can upload and save them in the app. If you’re not sure what to make, you can just enter the ingredients you have into the app and it’ll tell you what you can make out of them. It’s truly an incredible app suited for beginners.


best bartender appAnother beginner-friendly bartender app is the Distiller. This is perfect for people who have no idea about the different kinds of liquor available and which one to get from the liquor store. There are tons of options out there and it can be rather overwhelming for someone with zero experience with alcohol. This app educates users on the different types of alcoholic beverages and which one to get based on their preferred type of drink.

Once you’re in the liquor store, you can check out the different brand names and base spirits available. Enter them in the app and you can find reviews about each brand to know if it’ll suit your taste. The app also lets you know the liquor’s tasting notes and flavor profiles. If you want to dig deeper, the app also informs you of the ingredients of each liquor as well as its distillation process. It’s a very informative app where beginners can learn a lot from when they’re starting out with making cocktails.


On the other hand, if you already have some experience with mixing drinks, an app that could level up your game is Highball. You’ve done your fair share of mixing staple cocktails and you already have an idea of tasting notes and what you prefer. It’s now time to create your own cocktail recipes and this app will definitely come in handy.

Highball is an app where bartenders from all over the world can share their cocktail recipes and techniques. These recipes would include not just the ingredients and measurements but also technique notes so you can get it just right the first time around. Fellow bartenders can also try your recipes and make suggestions on how it can be improved over time. This app can add a twist to your cocktail-making game.

Bartender’s Choice

Unsure what kind of drink to make? Some of the factors that you usually consider when making a cocktail are the type of liquor, preferred flavor, and cocktail style. A cocktail can be tailored according to the taste of each person. This app called Bartender’s Choice takes all these factors into account before it recommends a drink.

Users will be asked a series of questions pertaining to the type of alcohol, style, and sensation that they are looking for in a drink. If you can some extras, you can also input that in the app. In return, Bartender’s Choice will provide you the perfect drink following the choices you made. If you’re in for a surprise, the app can also give you five random recipes.

8,500+ Drinks

Looking to try something new? An app called 8,500+ Drinks is here for you. As the name suggests, it features more than 8,500 cocktail recipes to choose from. There are recipes made for newbies and there are also those for advanced bartenders. It’s an all-around app that definitely won’t bore you with its recipes. You can also select random recipes that you can try out when you’re feeling a little adventurous. It’s a perfect tool to help you mix it up during the holidays.

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