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Rough week? Feel like a bit of retail therapy? Or maybe you just like good deals and can’t resist them.

Well, check out these Apple Amazon deals, and start shopping.

Apple Amazon deals this week

Glass Screen Protectors

iPhone screens are supposed to be tough and resistant to scratching, but you can never be too sure, can you? If you’re either OC or you’re prone to exposing your phone to damage, here are two glass screen protectors that will do the job. At a discount.

Sogo Apple iPhone 6S Plus/iPhone 6 Plus HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

apple amazon deals

List price at $40, now available at $7.90 for a 2-pack.


Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6S Plus Screen Protector HD Clear Ballistic Glass

apple amazon deals

List price at $49.99, now available at $7.61.


Lightning Cables

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable – 6 Feet (1.8 Meters) – White

apple amazon deals

List price at $14.99, now at $8.79.

How many times have you cursed your lightning cable for being too short when you want to use your phone while charging and the socket is too far away? This cable solves that problem and saves you money, too.


AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable – 2 Feet (0.6 Meters) – Black

lightning cables

List price at $14.99, now at $12.99.

While the cable is only 2 feet long, it’s retractability solves the issue of irritating cable all over the place.


Aerb iWatch Bamboo Wood Charging Stand – Apple Watch and iPhone

Aerb Apple Watch iPhone Dock

List price at $29.99, now at $9.99.


  • It can hold the Apple Watch stable and provides comfortable viewing; plus it can hold your iPhone nicely
  • Special cutouts for the Apple Watch charger and cable
  • Wood stand is as solid build for better stabilization and a natural look for a classy Chic home or office

Apple TV 3rd Generation Streaming Media Player Bundle with 6.5-foot HDMI Cable

Apple TV 3rd Gen

List price at $129.99, now at 78.99.

Why would anyone want to buy this model when it’s being replaced? Well, not everyone can afford the latest (and more expensive) models. And it’s not like having a 3rd-gen Apple TV is a bad thing. Especially at this price.


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