5 Cutting-Edge Smart Appliances You Can Control Through Your iPhone

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Automation is coming and it’s going to be huge. While we are already starting to see tons of ‘smart’ tech hitting the marketplace, in the future automation is going to pretty much run our entire household.

While pizza printers are a distant dream at the moment, for now, there is still some amazing home gadgetry that, thanks to automation, you can control easily through your iPhone. Here are 5 amazing smart appliances that can be run through your phone.

Philips Hue wireless lighting

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Philips’ smart lighting is incredibly customisable. Not only can you set the mood with a dimmer switch on your phone, but you can also control colour – with tuneable white light and a full spectrum.

You can also recreate the lighting of a favourite landscape easily, just by selecting a photo on your iPhone.

Smarter Coffeemaker

Can’t be bothered to get out of bed for that morning caffeine fix? Programme your morning coffee through your phone using a Smarter Coffee machine. This cool coffee maker even notifies you when your coffee is ready – through the app – so you can relax while your drink is being prepared.

June Intelligent Oven

Smart ovens are a particularly intriguing addition to your home, as they really help to simplify the cooking process. While they say a watched pot never boils, keeping an eye on your food is often a pain, particularly if you’ve got other jobs to do.

The June Intelligent Oven not only knows how long food takes to cook, but it also sends progress notifications to your phone. If that’s not enough, you can even check a live stream of the food being cooked through the iOS app, saving several trips to the kitchen and allowing you to perfect your recipes with ease.

Nest Learning Thermostat

smart appliances thermostat

Automated central heating is becoming an essential piece of household tech, and by 2019, it is expected that 43% of people will be using a remotely controlled thermostat in their homes and offices.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a great piece of kit, as it saves you money whilst allowing greater management over your central heating. This thermostat is able to learn your routines and detect your phone’s location, adjusting the heating to an eco setting when you’re out of the house.

As well as controlling your thermostat remotely, the app also allows you to monitor your energy usage.

Samsung WF457 washer and DV457 dryer

Samsung’s new washer and dryer combo can both be controlled through Samsung’s Smart Washer app on iOS. While the app is occasionally a little glitchy, the functionality of these appliances is excellent, allowing you to check the status of your laundry, as well as start, stop or pause a cycle from your iPhone.

The app sends an alert when the machine is finished, and also contains diagnostics, so you can scan the appliances and check they are operating efficiently.

Running your household from your iPhone is amazing, and these appliances are leading the way in terms of smart tech.

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