10 Exciting Activities to Keep the Aged Physically and Socially Active


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Retirement introduces a new lifestyle. For many years you had a job that kept you busy, but now it’s gone. For some, even their sense of purpose goes it and instead leaves them with a lot of free time. Being idle for many hours and days can cause a once active person to feel tired, lonely, and lost.

Some seniors surf the internet or watch TV to minimize such feelings. While these activities can help reduce the feelings of loneliness, they will affect you physically and psychologically. Because of that, it’s crucial to find a hobby that you can regularly engage in during this additional free time.

The purpose of finding a new hobby is to break the daily routine and to enhance your overall happiness and satisfaction with your life.

The post will review hobbies for the aged, their benefits, and exciting activities they can try for themselves. Let’s get started.

Benefits of Having a Hobby 

Explore Hidden Talents and Abilities

You were busy in your early adult years, working 40+ hours a week, taking additional courses, moving up the ranks, raising children, and more. As a result of these activities, you might have missed the opportunity to try new things. At times you may feel that you would have been a skilled guitarist, a champion chess player, a great sculpture artist, among others, if only you had some spare time to hone your skills.

Happily, you now have the luxury of free time, so now you can try something new. Taking a new hobby at such a time is not too late; instead, it’s an excellent way of beginning on the path to self-discovery. So tomorrow, enroll in a pottery class or any other new thing. In fact, you might be surprised that you had a hidden talent.

Lead to Better Health

Most people consider retirement as a time to sit and relax after several years of hard work. Well, it’s vital to relax because your age has advanced and your body is no longer strong as it used to be. However, having a hobby will keep you active, which will improve your overall health. Focusing on pleasurable activities will help you to destress or forget your worries.

Some hobbies for seniors incorporate physical fitness in them, such as hiking, swimming, dancing. There are still others that don’t have extensive physical movements, but they keep your body and mind engaged, such as gardening, writing, crocheting, painting, pottery, learning a new language, etc. Any activity that can keep you free from stress, allows creativity, and strengthens relationships, will improve your overall quality of life and prevent chronic illnesses.

Earn extra income

You might be surprised to discover that you’re so good at your new hobby to such an extent that you want to turn it into a business without stressing yourself. Case in point, a senior that enjoys gardening, might discover that his tomatoes are doing so well and that he can sell them to his neighbors, fairs, or local farmers’ market.

Further, he might use his gardening skills to help others maintain a well-manicured yard or keep their garden healthy for a fee. Still, he can be a gardening consultant for family, friends, or other seniors in your neighborhood. He can also use his new hobby to build and strengthen his relationship with his grandchildren or bond with friends and neighbors. This is a beautiful way to remain active, satisfied, and earn some extra cash.

Gives a Sense of Accomplishment 

Hobbies for seniors help them get out of their comfort zone, avoid the feeling of being stagnant and bored by their daily routine. They help to exercise their brain power and keep them physically active. So if you’re retired or planning for retirement, look for a hobby.

People of all ages feel much better when tackling a new challenge and accomplishing it. A hobby is such a good option for spending your time, for it gives you an endorphin boost when you reach a milestone. Therefore look for something you’re passionate about and spend your time and energy there. You can try gardening, painting, fishing, kayaking, pottery, and more.

Top 10 Hobbies for the Aged Citizens

Senior reading a book

Reading: This is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. A senior can choose any genre and purchase books online, which helps them read their favorite book on a tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. Also, an eBook takes less space, so they don’t need a big shelf to store their books. Reading a book instead of watching TV enhances your memory, reduces stress, sharpens your decision-making skills, and improves the quality of your sleep.

Birdwatching: The hobby helps you travel across the country and even the world. As a result, you get to see remarkable species on the earth, learn a new language, spend time outdoor, engage in physical activities and make new friends. This elevates your mood, destress, allows you to breathe fresh air, and soak a lot of vitamin D, thus improving your overall health.

Drawing/Painting: A senior that is not interested in hobbies such as music, sports, cooking, or gardening can try fine arts. Outdoor painting can help you interact with nature and scenery, relax and engage your creativity or expand your spirit and mind.

Cooking: A good meal brings family and friends together and gives the person that prepared it a great sense of achievement. Do you still remember your grandma’s Sunday dinner or cookies? A well-cooked meal has plenty of social benefits. Still, it’s great for your physical and mental health. You can start with a simple meal plan and use home-grown produce. In the end, you will have a big self-esteem boost, be healthier and save money.

Gardening: This is one of the hobbies for seniors that can be a bit addictive. The thought of planting a tiny seed and watching it grow can give a lot of satisfaction. As a result, most senior gardeners want to fill their backyards with plenty of plants and beautiful flowers. They are happy to keep their yards neat or covered with vegetables and fruits. Gardening gives a sense of achievement, keeps you active, reduces stress levels, and gets you fresh air, among others.

Looking after a Pet: A pet provides companionship, and focusing your energy on it can be an excellent activity for a senior. For instance, if you live alone, a pet will help you combat feelings of loneliness or boredom. It will also give you a sense of responsibility because you must feed it, clean it, walk it and protect it. Such activities give you tremendous fulfillment and fill the empty nest when your children leave home.

Learning a Foreign Language: Learning a new language is not a game for younger people. Actually, older persons have a genuine commitment to learning than their grandchildren. You can practice the new language with your family during the bonding time or with other retirees. You will be happy when you accomplish your purpose.

Writing: Seniors can write memoirs, poems, stories, performance scripts, or historical biographies during their spare time, for it helps them not only to be active but also discover themselves. In the course of writing, some people have been able to publish some works they began when young or discover something unique about themselves, such as a keen writing style.

Photography: This is one of the fantastic hobbies for senior citizens because it helps them see the world in a completely new way. It enlarges their mental eyes by assisting them to see beyond the photo. Still, photography allows these adults to utilize the artistic side of their brains as they age. So step outside with your camera and see how satisfied you will be with your new lifestyle.

Taking Music Lessons: You might have dreamt of being a musician when you were young, but you didn’t get a chance to be one. Now is the time. You can learn various instruments, such as saxophone, piano, violin, drums, or guitar. Taking such a hobby is a stimulating mental challenge that can help you fight cognitive decline and dementia.


Staying active after retirement will give your life a purpose, enhance your health and give you a sense of achievement. Hobbies for aged citizens are pleasurable activities that keep them busy, help them discover their hidden abilities, and be free from worries. So pick any of the 10 exciting activities discussed above and delve deeper into it. You can choose to explore your hobby alone, with your spouse, grandkids, or as a group of retirees.

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