10 Apple Gifts For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is less than two weeks away so there’s still plenty of time to get a present for your old man that’s both thoughtful and useful. Here are a few great Apple gifts for Father’s Day that will make you the golden child.

Apple Gifts for Father’s Day

Leather Apple Watch Band

best apple gift for fathers day
If your dad is an Apple Watch guy then you can’t in good conscience let him wear one of those flimsy nylon pieces. Leather is the way to go this father’s day. These pieces are genuine English leather and stainless steel and they’re sure to make a statement.

Wooden Macbook Case

best apple gift for fathers day
Don’t get him a wooden decal that looks crappy and will peel off in a couple of months. Instead, splurge a little bit and get your dad an actual wooden case for his Macbook. This thing is both stylish and great protection for his computer.

Laser Keyboard

apple gifts for father's day

Virtual keyboards like this one are the coolest accessory that we can suggest. I mean your dad can literally type with lasers like he’s Tony Stark. Every time I use one of these I’m amazed by the accuracy of it and I feel like a time traveler.

iPhone Holster

best apple gift for fathers day

Don’t let your pops walk around with the corny clip on belt holder for his iPhone. This holster is a great way to keep that phone on his hip in style. Every dad wants to be a cowboy.

Headphone Holder

best apple gift for fathers day

A strap for your headphones is one of those things that millennials never use but dads are guaranteed to find hugely useful. This one only costs a couple bucks so it’s perfect if you’re on a budget. Plus it’s leather. Men love leather.

iPhone Case/Bottle Opener

apple gifts for fathers day

Opena Case is an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener. And what dad doesn’t need that?!

Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

wood portable speaker

This wooden bluetooth speaker looks good just about anywhere. It’s a classy piece that’s sure to bring up any room and the sound is great. Knot Chisled is a top-notch company.

Bamboo Charging Station

apple gifts for fathers dayHe’s got the watch and the iPhone but he always forgets where he puts them? It sounds like your pops needs a sweet docking station. This sleek piece is bamboo with slots for cords that let him charge his gear in style. And the best part: at nine bucks it’s surprisingly cheap.

Retro Apple Shirt

best apple gift for fathers day

If your dad is a real Apple superfan then he might appreciate a retro Apple shirt. The blue genius bar shirts are over-rated, this Think Different piece is the way to go.


apple gifts for father's day
This scanner is a must-have if your dad uses his iPad for business. It’s compact and scans JPEGs and images. It’s also cheaper than you would have expected at only $100.

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