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app store refund

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App Store Refund

Have you ever wished that you could get a refund for something on iTunes? Maybe you realized you purchased the wrong app right after you downloaded it, or maybe after you used the app or media you realized it wasn’t what you were expecting.

While you might think you’re stuck with the wrong app, movie, or song; there’s still hope to get your hard-earned bucks back. Check out the steps below to see how you can get an App Store refund for purchases in the app store or iTunes Store purchases and don’t let a mistake or misrepresented app get you down.


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Getting Your Refund

First, you have to open up iTunes on your Mac or PC. This doesn’t work through the mobile apps. Once open, click on iTunes Store in the sidebar or button. You should see your email address that’s linked to your iTunes account in the top left corner of the browser section of the iTunes window. Click on it and then click on Account.

refund menu

You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter these and click Sign In.


Once you log in you’ll see the screen below:


Scroll down until you find the Purchase History section. Here, click on See All.

see all iTunes purchases

You should now see a full list of iTunes purchases with your most recent one shown in detail at the top.


You should notice two things here. First, quite a few of your individual purchases are listed together, and some items that are free are looped in with other items that had a cost. This is totally OK, as iTunes often lumps smaller purchases together to limit the number of receipts you receive.


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As you can see in the image above, there’s a small arrow button to the left of each purchase. Click the arrow next to the order you want to request the refund for. Since these are combined with other purchases, you may have to look at a few before you find the right one. Clicking the arrow will show you the details for the purchase, and you can always go back if it’s the wrong one.

Here’s an example of the detail of a combined purchase. As you can see, there are free items, app purchases, and in-app purchases on various items all lumped together.


If you picked the right receipt, click the Report a Problem button. If it was the wrong receipt, click Done and try another receipt.

You should now see a link next to the price of each item on that receipt that says Report a Problem. Click this link next to the item you wish to receive a refund for. This will open your Internet browser and ask you to log in again with your iTunes account. Log in to continue.


Once you log in you’ll see your purchases tied to that receipt again, but this time the item you had an issue with should be open as seen below.


Choose a reason for the refund and enter some comments as to why you want the refund. Remember that you’ll only get a refund if there is a valid reason, but as long as you’re not trying to get over on them, Apple is pretty lenient on their refunds.

When Will You Get Your iTunes Refund?

Your refund should be nearly immediate, and you’ll get an email from Apple letting you know the refund has gone through. This should happen without issue and unless you’ve requested multiple App Store refunds in the past, should just be completed automatically.

Make sure to use this only for good and remember that you’re actually getting that money back from the developer, not just Apple. This means you should only request refunds when it’s absolutely appropriate and necessary.

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