Cook Talks to Beats: Sign That Apple Will “Go Bling”?

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Jimmy Iovine
Jimmy Iovine

Not that we have not seen blinged out Apple devices in the past. Solid gold iPhone cases. Apple cases studded with diamonds. You name it, you’ve probably got it somewhere online or a gray market stall!

When it comes to bling, though, Dr. Dre is no stranger to things. Admittedly, it might all be bling and hype, especially when it comes to the Beats brand. That’s Beats Electronics LLC, by the way. Still, there are enough suckers consumers who do not mind paying for a brand that they have come to like. If you’re not impressed at all by the brand, then you might want to stop reading now, as your day might take a turn for the worse. If you love your Beats accessory, then this might just be your day!

So, talks have been going around that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine. The topic?

A possible partnership between the two brands.

Reuters broke the news earlier today, saying that their sources have confirmed that Cook and Iovine met in February when the Apple honcho visited Los Angeles. Apparently, the goal was for Cook to learn more about Project Daisy, a previously announced music subscription service from Dr. Dre and co. As can be expected, if the talks were to be taken seriously, someone from the iTunes Music Store group was there to take part in the exploration as well: Eddy Cue.

With the topic being specified, the possible partnership between Apple and Beats is not unthinkable. As a matter of fact, Apple can benefit from the partnership in that it immediately gains a foothold on the music streaming service niche. There was some speculation about Apple doing this, with the release of iTunes 11, and it might just be that collaborating with another entity is the route they are taking.

We do not know much beyond these things, but there are enough details to get the rumor mill going in the middle of the week. What do you think about this potential partnership? Will it affect your music listening habits, or is just another case of hyped up bling with little function?

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