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beatunes.pngbeaTunes is an app from Tagtraum Industries that can help you create some really interesting, and powerful playlists in iTunes.

beaTunes can analyze your music and detect the BPM (Beats Per Minute) for every song in your library. This allows you to build playlists based on the tempo of the tracks. It can help you find the perfect fast paced mix for jogging, running, or help you slow it down to end the day off with a relaxing mix.

With its Library Inspection tool it can help keep everything nice and tidy in iTunes. beaTunes will keep your tracks categorized correctly, and keep you from having deleted tracks still in your playlists.

It can also make it easier to create smart playlists with its Matchlists feature.

beaTunes can even help you blog your playlists if you’re into that.

The only real drawback to beaTunes isn’t even Tagtraum’s fault…it can’t work with DRMed tracks downloaded from iTunes. Why? Well…because of the DRM.

Still, if you have large library of non-DRMed songs (and any songs you’ve ripped from your own CDs should be completely DRM free) then beaTunes may be worth a look for you.

It’s Shareware, and if you choose to keep it, it will run you $19.95 (which, if you spend a lot of time managing playlists in iTunes seems totally worth it), but you can try it completely free at

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  1. I also prefer Tangerine. I tried beatunes and I did like it but it took over 4 days to analyse my library. Tangerine did it in less than 30 minutes and has a Cover Flow style interface.

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