Apple quietly announces iTunes Plus Price Drop


How does a company quietly announce something? Well, yesterday afternoon articles from Macworld appeared on Yahoo claiming that Apple has dropped the price of its iTunes Plus songs from $1.29 to $.99 cents. The songs will remain at the 256kbps AAC format, and on top of all of that, over 2 million songs from independent labels will be added as well.

Steve Jobs confirmed this with the Wall Street Journal, and Apple spokesperson, Tom Neumayr is quoted in the article on Macworld. So far, though, Apple hasn’t issued a press release of any kind. Supposedly we’ll see these sometime today. As of this writing, however, it hasn’t happened.

UPDATE: iTunes Plus songs now appear to have changed pricing to .99 cents – still no press release….and the press release is here.



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  1. They actually don’t say. I would imagine that most people that were going to upgrade have already done so – but I’m really not sure.