Andy Barker P.I. – Check it out Free in iTunes

andy.jpgI love going through and downloading the free programming in iTunes.  It always gives me a chance to check out some new programs that I might otherwise skip.  Andy Barker P.I. is one of those kinds of shows.  I wasn’t necessarily planning on watching Andy Barker, but I was looking for something to do the other night (after my cable DVR screwed up and deleted all the my recorded programming…I can’t WAIT for my AppleTV) and was surprised to see that not only is there 1 free episode of Andy Barker P.I. in iTunes…you can actually watch the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON on iTunes right now.

I watched the first episode of the show, and I have to say…it’s worth the download.  I enjoyed the pilot.  I didn’t necessarily laugh out loud at the show…it’s really not that kinda humor, but I liked it, and I like Andy Richter…so if you’re looking for a way to kill 22 minutes this afternoon  give Andy Barker, P.I. a shot…

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