Ipod Saves Solider’s Life

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This is not just a cool Apple related story…it’s a cool story, period.

From the Flikr Page:

Kevin Garrad (3rd Infantry Division) was on a street patrol in Iraq (Tikrit I believe) and as he rounded the corner of a building an armed (AK-47) insurgent came from the other side.

The two of them were within just a few feet of each other when they opened fire. The insurgent was killed and Kevin was hit in the left chest where his IPod was in his jacket pocket. It slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Fortunately, Kevin suffered no wound.

There is also an update that states that one of the engineers at Apple saw the pics, and they’re getting him a replacement iPod.

That’s just plain awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Ipod Saves Solider’s Life

  1. An engineer saw it? I bet everyone is thinking how cool it would be if Apple made a military grade iPod, clad in Titanium and Kevlar. The only technical hurdle: make it bulletproof yet still easily scratchable 🙂

    Still thats really cool. I wonder though if it would have saved his life had the bullet not hit him in that particular spot :/
    Perhaps that 10-inch-screen iPod that Steve joked about a few keynotes back would be a better choice for soldiers. Or maybe they should all have MacBook Pros. Then again, if the battery got punctured, they would die from it exploding 🙁

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