UPDATED: Apple/EMI Announcement coming Tomorrow

emi-logo.jpgMacworld UK is reporting on an invitation sent out to major media outlets inviting journalists to an event that will take place at EMI’s London headquarters.

The invitation reads: “Please join EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli at EMI’s headquarters on Monday 2 April at 1pm London/8am New York time to hear about an exciting new digital offering, with special guest, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.”

A special live performance by an unannounced artist will also feature at the event, the invitation confirms.

Macworld also warns that their sources are confident the announcement is not related to the addition of The Beatles to the iTunes store.

So…anybody want to speculate on this?

UPDATE: So, you can find links here, here, and here that are all confident the reason for tomorrow’s event is for EMI to announce that it will be selling a large portion of its catalog with no DRM.

One can only hope this is true.

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  1. New IPod lines? Oh, and I’m hoping for the DRM-free music too. Considering I can upload CD’s to ITunes, I find the DRM rather annoying … especially when making podcasts and the DRM prevents embedding these tunes

    Cheers all

  2. Apple is going to buy EMI, the first of many such acquisitions culminating with the purchase of Sony leading to no longer supplying any online music stores with tracks so all music must be purchased through iTunes.

    With the money generated from this they will buy Microsoft and donate all non-Mac products to the open source community, to see if they can fix them, to avoid the commerce commission taking anti-monopoly steps against Apple.

  3. @ Steve –

    That’s what I’m thinking too.

    @Jeddy –

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing any new iPods, but who knows?

    @Phred –

    Now THAT’S good speculatin’ 🙂