1 Million Zunes sold? Maybe…maybe not…

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zune-1-091306.jpgIn today’s podcast I reported, via MacNN that Microsoft had already sold their 1 Millionth Zune ahead of schedule…

Turns out that’s not quite true…

MacNN is now reporting that, apparently, Microsoft Entertainment division head Robbie Bach had been misquoted in the text version of his interview. The Zune HAS NOT sold over a million units yet. In fact, the statement he made is the extact same statement that Microsoft made shortly after the Zune launch.

“When we finish our fiscal year in June we’ll have sold a little over a million Zunes,” Bach said in the actual audio recording. “So we feel very good about that.”

That changes things from the device doing better than expected, to it actually just meeting expected numbers…and on top of that, the 1 Million count in June may not include actual customers…just units sold to retail outlets, which means an uncountable number of devices could be left on store shelves.

So will the Zune ever be competition for the iPod? Never say never…but not at this rate…

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One thought on “1 Million Zunes sold? Maybe…maybe not…

  1. “So will the Zune ever be competition for the iPod?”

    Let’s see: the Wifi thing it’s a pain in the butt, the size is almost like the first gen iPod, the pc software has nothing to do with Windows Media Player, the incompatibilities with Windows Vista LOL… and… the brown color… i mean come on, give me a break. Brown? Really? This is Microsoft we’re talking about. The day Microsoft gets easy of use i will buy and use all of there products. (Yeah, sure… ;))

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