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With all the gadgets you have in your arsenal, you probably have a different cable for each one of them. If you leave them just hanging around on your desk, they’re bound to get tangled and leave a mess. One of the many ways that you can keep them organized and untangled is to get cable clip organizers. Better yet, get magnetic cable clip organizers so they automatically fasten to each other. Here are some of the best ones.

SMART&COOL Reusable Silicone Magnetic Cable Ties

Magnetic Cable Clip Organizers

Made of silicone, these magnetic cable ties can wrap around different types of cables such as electrical cords and charging words. Each tie has two magnetic ends that stick to each other when you fasten them together. The ties are reusable and incredibly easy to use. These magnets can even attach to metal surfaces like keys. Aside from cables, you can also use this to attach notes and photos to magnetic doors. Do note that it shouldn’t be used close to credit cards to avoid demagnetization.

Yugoo Cable Magnetic Multipurpose Organizer

If you want a desk cable holder, this one from Yugoo is certainly a great choice. For one, it’s easy to install thanks to its 3M adhesives. This organizer comes with a strong magnetic buckle that the clips can attach to. The adhesives of this organizer are also removable whatever you attach it to, including plastic, glass, wood, and metal surfaces. This organizer features stable magnetism so your cables won’t just fall off that easily.

Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips

Another magnetic cable clip organizer that you can check out is this one from Sinjimoru. It’s easy and simple to use to keep your desk tidy when it comes to managing your cables. You can attach this organizer wherever you want and it’ll adhesives are strong enough to keep it holding together. You can even use this holder to keep your Bluetooth headset in place. If you’re bothered by your USB cables, this organizer can help you with that, too.

TedGem Magnetic Cable Clips

For flexible and flat cables, the TedGem Magnetic Cable Clips is the perfect organizer. The clips also work for mini or micro cables. You can attach this organizer to your bedside table or even at the edge of your office desk. In fact, you can even place this on top of the center console of your car if you need cord management inside your car.

CSHope Magnetic Cable Organizer

The CSHope Magnetic Cable Organizer features magnetic buckles designed with 4mm grooves so all standard USB cords can fit into these. It’s easy to install and incredibly convenient to use. This organizer also comes in two colors and looks like an elegant accessory to any type of desk. The magnets in this organizer are non-damaging too, which means that they won’t scratch your desk.

Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager

You can also use the Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager to keep your cables untangled and organized. Its compact design allows you to attach it to basically any surface. This organizer is also designed to be stable and won’t fall off just from a little tugging. It comes with magnetic collars if you’re into that as well. The company also offers a lifetime warranty, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to durability.

Alnoor USA Magnetic Cable Organizer

The Alnoor USA Magnetic Cable Organizer is compatible with virtually all types of USB cables. It features magnetic cable holders that were also designed with the standard 4mm grooves so most cables should be able to fit right into them. The organizer is easy to attach and remove thanks to its 3M adhesives. Its overall look is also aesthetically pleasing so it’ll fit right into any kind of environment.

SYOSIN Magnetic Cable Holder

Compatible with different types of cables, the SYOSIN Magnetic Cable Holder can hold up to 6mm-thick cords. It’s conveniently small and easy to attach, whether that’s on your work desk or inside your car. This holder comes in two colors and can fit almost anywhere. Each package comes with a circular base and an oval base, so you can choose which one looks best on your table.

12-Pack Magnetic Silicone Cord Keeper

If you got a lot of cables lying around the house, these magnetic silicone cord keeps would be perfect for you. Not only is it great for keeping your cables in place on your desk, but you can also use it to keep your cables untangled inside your bag. Made with soft silicone, these ties are resilient against pulling and tearing. The built-in magnets included in these ties are also removable, so that’s something you should keep in mind when purchasing.

ABZON Magnetic Cable Organizer

If you’re looking for an all-around organizer, this one from ABZON is something that might interest you. For one, it includes five cord organizers that work not just with cables but also bookmark clips, keys, and papers. You can use these to attach items to any metal surface like your whiteboard or your fridge. Made with silicone, this organizer is also dust-repellent and extremely lightweight.

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