This Steve Jobs Portrait Is Made of Computer Innards

Steve Jobs Portrait

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We don’t normally like it when the conversation turns to innards, but hey, there are people who think sweetbreads are food for the gods! This time, though, the innards that I’m talking about are from the bowels of computers. From motherboards to electronic circuits – all of those things that make up the devices that we can’t go a day without were put together by collage artist Jason Mecier to come up with a one-of-a-kind Steve Jobs portrait.

Steve Jobs Portrait


This is certainly not the first Steve Jobs portrait created, but you have to admit it has a freaky good feel to it. After all, for a guy who built his legacy on consumer electronics (though not solely), how better to pay homage to him?

The artist spent 40 hours – that’s whole working week for many of you – putting this thing together, and he used a whopping 20 pounds of electronic waste. Now that’s a creative way of putting waste to good use, yes?

What do you think of this Steve Jobs portrait? Artistic or trash?

If computer innards don’t excite you, maybe real apples will? Check out this Steve Jobs portrait made of 3,750 apples.


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