Steve Jobs Portrait Made of 3,750 Apples

Steve Jobs portrail made of 3,750 apples
Steve Jobs portrail made of 3,750 apples

An artist in Quebec used 3,750 apples (relax, he just used apples that had started rotting!) to create this incredible portrait of Steve Jobs. I have a feeling Apple’s late CEO would approve.

Olivier Lefebvre, a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, arranged all those apples on the ground, using their color differences to create an amazing tribute to Mr. Jobs. To ensure that there was no needless waste, Lefebvre used only “deer apples,” aka apples that had already fallen to the ground and begun rotting. In the photos below you can see the artist with his work.

Olivier Lefebvre and his creation
Olivier Lefebvre building his tribute to Steve Jobs

[Via Geeks are Sexy]

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