Unicorn Tablet Comes With iWork Too. Also, is Made of Gold and Candy

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Get used to this image, folks. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of it before January 27th.

Let’s talk tablet. Apple hasn’t formally announced anything yet, but Microsoft, HP and everyone it seems is out there now pushing tablets or slates like it’s some new thing. Everyone wants to be firsties with this thing, but they’re all just hoping that Apple doesn’t kick them in the taint with another big product release. As such, another rumor has come down the pike. Here goes.

Per the NY Times:

“Another former Apple designer said a team at the company had ‘spent the past couple of years working on a multitouch version of iWork,’ Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s Office software suite. This could indicate that Apple wants the tablet to be a fully functional computer, rather than a more passive device for reading books and watching movies. That could help justify a higher price. Apple has declined to discuss any plans for a tablet.”


Ok, so now iWork is going mobile. Neat. It makes sense on a few different fronts, because iWork is a cheap program to buy and throwing it in isn’t that big of a cost to Apple, and besides, they could just tack it onto the price if they wanted to. It also is another way to push iWork out there as a reputable contender to Word, which it kinda is, depending on your perspective. It’s definitely more stable, but I know for me, the warm comfort of Microsoft Office was one of the things that allowed me to make the transition to Apple so easily. Now, I hate its clunky interface and crashiness, but no matter what I do, Numbers isn’t Excel, no matter how pretty it is.

I’m thinking that later this month I’ll put together my list of predictions on the Unicorn Tablet and we can all have a discussion about it. Maybe sit around the campfire and eat some s’mores.

Sounds delicious.

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One thought on “Unicorn Tablet Comes With iWork Too. Also, is Made of Gold and Candy

  1. I think it would totally rock if Apple never made a tablet and actually made some more public statements disparaging the tablet form factor. Then all these also rans, who are rushing out the door with more of this crippled hardware in a vane effort to somehow beat Apple out the door, would find there never was a door.

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