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UPDATE: Thanks everyone for emailing. 馃檪 AG is now on Please don’t send them anymore email. Thanks to Guy for adding us. is a new site inspired by popurls that serves as a sort of “magazine rack” for the web. They have a mac section that is filled with Apple sites…and I’d like Apple Gazette to be one of them.

I do enjoy the simplicity of the site, and I think its worth checking out for any of the topics they cover that you’d like to skim through quickly without being subscribed via RSS.

If you’d like to help get AG on then you can shoot them an email here and let them know.


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7 thoughts on “Help get Apple Gazette on (UPDATED)

  1. Hey Mike and Guy

    I think that something is wrong Applegazette apearts twice on alltop layout, maybe so rush in put on the hall of the fame.

    There is a spanish version of alltop?

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