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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “TowerMadness Zero” for iPhone Defense

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Fire! Defend! Plant numerous war towers to expel alien invaders trying to abduct your flock of sheep for their twisted experiments. Sound like an alien-shooting-good-time…well it is! “TowerMadness Zero” is a complete version that is free for the iPhone.

Immerse the iPhone in a 3-D overhead view of a farm bordered by woods and two clearings. The player is given money to build defense towers just in case aliens were to land in the two clearings and invade the farm with various forms of gigantic bugs and beings.

There are countless different towers to build and they all have very fun and very specific weapons systems that will disarm, flying, or grounded aliens. As the body count grows, the player earns more money (possibly selling alien bodies to the government) to build yet more towers, as the frenzied attack gets more and more intense.

Keeping the sheep from being abducted will continue to unlock more towers with necessary defense armaments as a clock ticks down, and the U.F.O.’s continue to swarm the forest clearings. The path of the aliens is displayed and towers are built along that path to dispel the kidnappers with the flick of a thumb. The game is point and touch, and the gameplay is simple, but addictive fun.

Grade: A


RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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