Isopod iPhone Case – the Weird Stuff Just Keeps Coming

There are weird iPhone cases, and there’s the isopod iPhone case that’s apparently a trend in Japan these days. If you’re saying, “iso-what?”, that’s fine. Although you really can figure what it is if you analyze the word a little…

In any case, an isopod is an invertebrate “with dorso-ventrally compressed bodies that are protected by thick and strong calcareous exoskeletons composed of overlapping segments. The first shell segment is fused to the head and most posterior segments are often fused to their body, forming a caudal shield over the abdomen. The top of the first shell segment protrudes out over the isopod’s large, fixed eyes. These compound eyes are spaced far apart and have over 4,000 individual facets. Light bounces off a reflective layer at the back of the eyes called the tapetum, making the eyes appear to glow.

Thanks, Aquarium of the Pacific, for the definition!

Creepy stuff right there, but when we see an isopod iPhone case, then things get real…

So these are the two variants.

isopod iphone cases

And when the phone is actually in the case, it looks like this.

isopod iphone case with phone


When you put your phone on your desk, you can pretend you have an isopod pet.

isopod iphone case

And, in case you really need to figure out how to use this thing…

isopod iphone case in use

My lord, I might actually prefer what I have dubbed what could be the world’s ugliest iPhone case!



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