Watch TechRax Do a Burnout on Top of an iPhone

ducati burnout iphone

But don’t do it at home. Or at the parking lot. Or even a racetrack.

TechRax’s antics are not strange to us, and we usually – if not always – say that they are pointless. Take for example boiling an iPhone in Coke. Why????

However, some are actually amusing to watch. Like today’s video.

I have a particular weakness for cars and motorcycles, so I couldn’t resist this stunt – a burnout on top of an iPhone.

No need to guess why it’s a bad idea, huh?

Bad idea or not, TechRax likes it shiny. He used a Ducati 916, which is considered to have redefined the concept of superbikes, and an iPhone 6S. A new one, of course.

Before you see it with your own eyes, care to guess what happens?

I think this is one of the better stunts from TechRax. What do you guys think?

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