Rugged Folio Case for iPad Mini 4 by Urban Armor Gear

Rugged Folio Case for iPad Mini 4

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Ever since they released the first iPad Mini, I have been in love with it. I waited for the second gen, and I wish I could get the latest one, but my Mini 2 is still holding its own.

For those of you who have an iPad Mini 4 or are planning to get one, the chances are that you are going to get a case as well. After all, you do want that baby to be protected. As light as the iPad Mini is – and this latest version weighs less than 300 grams (Wi-Fi only) – drops and bumps are not uncommon.

While cases for the iPad Mini 4 are already available, here’s one that might catch your fancy. Especially if you’re into that ultra protection mode.

The Rugged Folio Case for iPad Mini 4 is a new line by Urban Armor Gear, a brand that is known for its durable and highly protective products.

Just like other cases, UAG’s folio case provides access to the buttons of the iPad. It’s tough on the outside and yet provides a cushion on the inside. The cool thing is that the case is designed so that it doesn’t add too much weight to the iPad Mini – which is the main thing one wants.

The case is available in three variants – Scout, Rogue, and Cobalt.


Rugged Folio Case for iPad Mini 4 Features:

  • Impact resistant core with corner bumpers
  • Non-slip Frogskin exterior grip material
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports
  • Built-in adjustable stand with 4 viewing positions
  • Uncompromised audio and video
  • Magnetic Smart Cover feature
  • Meets Military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6)
  • MSRP $49.95

With military drop test certification, this UAG case seems perfect for klutzy active people. I also particularly like the 4 viewing positions, which is perfect as it seems to provide a stable foundation, which is necessary for playing certain games. 😉

Yeah, I think this might just work for me.

Check out the cases here.

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