17-inch Macbook Pros delayed…or not

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Apple Insider is reporting that Apple’s 17-inch Macbook Pro deliveries have been push backed to “near March” There claim is based on one specific report, and then a generalization about readers in Australia.

While the 17-inch Macbook Pro may be taking longer to get to Australia than it will to the U.S. – I can confirm after speaking with multiple sources that ordered 17-inch Macbook Pros that the delays AI are reporting may very well be over stated.

Based on everyone I’ve spoken with, none of them are seeing delays, and each one customized their order in some fashion.

Reports of delays are often overstated, and come from one or two people who may be facing a specific situation – other times they can be more wide spread. Right now, I’m fairly confident this is not a large issue, but if you’re facing a delay on your 17-inch Macbook Pro order, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “17-inch Macbook Pros delayed…or not

  1. Unfortunately I can confirm that there is something going on with supply of the new 17″ MBP. I ordered mine on Jan 14 and my delivery date is currently listed as March 4.

  2. I too, have ordered a minimally customized system which will not ship until Mar. 2nd and was ordered soon after the conference.

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