VIDEO: Apple introduces the new Macbook

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Apple posted a video immediately following their special event today showing us how the new Macbook looks, and also how it was created. It really looks like an amazing piece of machinery.

In the video we see the aluminum cutting process, and get a good look at the machine. The fact that its cut from one piece is really clear in the video, and something I can’t wait to see in person.

You can click here to check the video out on Apple’s official site.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Apple introduces the new Macbook

  1. Wait until the Mackbook is in the Apple Store tomorrow!

    Let’s see what shows up in the local Apple Store on Oct. 15.

    I think it will be spectacular in terms of size, less weight, much improved design, graphics chips/speed. better display, improved battery life, etc. The new CPU’s and front side bus will likely make a big difference in terms of performance.

    I plan to go to the Apple Store tomorrow, and if all is good, I will buy a new 13″ Macbook for $1499. at the education price.

    Do they give you the education price in the retail stores?

    Yes, it is about $200. over-priced. They can lower the price in the future. But, I need a Mac laptop now. So, it will probably be the new Macbook for me.

    What do theres think?


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