Top Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

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In this day and age, one of the most important things in your social life is to have a beautiful feed on Instagram. Gone are the days of posting regular boring photos online. Now, you might not always have the best lighting or exposure when taking certain shots. These are some of the best apps to use on your iPhone and iPad to improve your photos.

Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad


If you’re already into editing photos, Snapseed must have already been under your radar. Heck, it might even be already installed on your iPhone. This photo editing app designed by Google is packed with tons of features that it rivals photo editors on desktop. Like a lot of photo editing apps today, Snapseed comes with some nice preset filters for newbies.

In addition, you can also create your own filters on Snapseed. This is great for people who already have a theme going on in their Instagram feed. Of course, it also features classic photo editing tools like cropping and straightening. However, some of its more unique tools worth checking out include precision masking and selective adjustment. It’s a great iPhone and iPad photo editing app for advanced users.

Prisma Photo Editor

Do you want your photos to look more like drawings or paintings? If so, Prisma Photo Editor is the app for you. This app utilizes artificial neural networks that allow you to make your photos look like paintings.

You can also purchase additional filters on this app, but the free ones are already great to start with.

Just like Instagram, Prisma also allows you to post photos on your feed where its own online community can check out your profile.


Another great editing app for iOS users is Instasize. The app not only comes loaded with filters and full editing functionality for various image settings, but it also lets the users play around with creative tools like adding border patterns, creating collages, and even adding stylized text.

The iOS version is filled with special features such as Beauty Tools for retouching acne. It also gives you free access to Unsplash’s image library so you can select artsy photos to use with your own. Plus you can edit videos, apply borders, and insert text on clips from your iPhone or iPad, which is perfect for Instagram Reels.

The free account is already enjoyable to use but you’ll certainly unlock more creative features with the Premium version for only $4.99/month.


A photo editing app for iPhone and iPad that can also be likened to Instagram is VSCO. Aside from photo editing tools, this app also has its own online community of photo editors. However, what really lets this app shine is its wide range of filters. These filters allow your photos to look like they were shot using a film camera.

If the preset filters are too heavy for you, they can be adjusted through a slider. Just like other photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad, VSCO comes with the usual editing tools like cropping and vignettes. You can also adjust your photos’ exposure, temperature, brightness, and contrast using this app.


It must have already come to your attention that taking food photos is now a thing. There are also Instagram accounts solely dedicated to food photos. If you’re into food photography, why not try Foodie as your photo editing app for iPhone and iPad? It’s an app especially design for improving your food photos.

Foodie comes with 30 filters made to specifically highlight your food in pictures. It enables you to take the perfect bird’s eye shot.

In addition, it also makes the colors of your food photos pop – which is what you want to make them look more beautiful. It’s definitely a great photo editing app for food!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

If you want a more advanced photo editing app on your iPhone and iPad, look no further than the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. It’s basically the mobile version of the famous desktop software.

This app provides professional editing tools that you can easily use on your portable device. In addition, it can also work with RAW files.

Lightroom features high-quality adjustment tools perfect for your everyday photo editing needs. You simply use the sliders in the app to adjust your photos’ brightness, color, texture, and many more. Plus, you can also access additional features if you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud such as selective editing and Adobe Sensei.

Afterlight 2

Another great all-around photo editing app for your iPhone and iPad is Afterlight 2. It comes with the standard editing tools such as exposure and contrast adjustment. You can also opt to add and customize texts on your photos. Changing up the colors and tones of your photos will not be a problem using this app.

In addition, Afterlight 2 also features over 128 frames and a wide range of filters. If you’re someone who is into texture shots, this is a great photo editing app for you. It comes with prism effects, film overlays, and real film light leaks. Just like Lightroom, Afterlight 2 can also work with RAW files. It’s definitely a photo editing app packed with tons of features – great for both beginners and advanced users.


These are some of the most amazing photo editing apps you can find on the App Store today. The best part is you can download them for free! Have a go at each of these apps to find which one best suits your style. Use these photo editing apps on your iPhone and iPad to elevate your phone photography game.

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