POLL: What kind of iPhone 3G will you be buying?

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As we prepare for the imminent launch of the iPhone 3G it’s time to ask you, the Apple Gazette reader, just what in the heck you’re going to do about the new iPhone 3G.

Fee free to elaborate on where you are, and why you will, or won’t, be making the iPhone plunge on Friday.

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17 thoughts on “POLL: What kind of iPhone 3G will you be buying?

  1. I mainly use my iPhone as a browser “on the go” so an upgrade in both size and speed works for me!

    That is if I can get hold of one, O2 in the UK are apparently out of stock online 🙁

  2. I was able to sell my old iPhone on eBay for $500. Now i have all my money back and can get the cheaper iphone. In the long run i will save money by getting the new one.

    Plus, GPS is sooo cool even if the current GPS software is too exciting, I expect a free update with more GPS features such as “Voice Directions????”

    I don’t get 3G in my area, but I have heard rumors that it could be happening soon.

    I do hope that you don’t have to pay for 3G if you don’t want to.

  3. I voted for 16gb black, but I’m still torn. I hope they’ll have one of each on display on Friday.

  4. i’m on hold until the first reports surface on how good or not it can be jailbroken/sim hacked and if the app store still works after that. then i might just get a prepaid one later this year (8gb probably since i’m cheap)

  5. isn’t that obvious michael? i’d rather chop off my right hand than sign a contract with t-mobile… 😉 i want to keep using my current sim card.

  6. If we had 3G in our market I’d be getting one, but I’m going to wait till we do. At that point I’ll be getting a 16gb black

  7. I’m not the early adopters type, but it just so happen that my iPhone fell and broke a couple of weeks ago, so i figure, might as well get a new one to replace it before the screen is no longer usable.

    I’m staying with the same capacity (16GB), but will get the white one this time… just something different.

  8. We have 3G where I live, and I’ve been putting off getting a cell phone until I found one that would do what I wanted. The first gen iPhone did that, but I’m a waiter. Heck I waited 7 years before upgrading my old PowerMac G4 to the latest PowerMac Pro 8 CPU monster.

  9. I was thinking of getting the 16GB black version, but then I thought that scratches and especially smudges would be visible on it. The white version seems better. I’ll just wait and see what the real world testers have to say.

  10. I live in New Zealand where we get it first – and get totally ripped off by Vodafone first as well. Opting for a NZ$199 8GB iPhone on their 1GB per month over 24 months plan (there is no unlimited data plan) will end up costing over NZ$6000. I did some comparisons of plans around the world and that is over twice the cost of the next most expensive plan. And Canadians think Rogers is bad… ($1NZ = $USA0.75)

    Fortunately the other main provider here also says they will be carrying the iPhone, just not yet. Unfortunately they have just as bad a track record for ripping off consumers in NZ as Vodafone does. The market is so bad here for mobile phone service that the government is considering intervening.

    Oh, and from my research Hong Kong and Holland have the best deals. It may almost be worth me buying one from Hong Kong and paying the roaming charges…

  11. Buying the 16GB black model. Not too happy about having to move to O2 Ireland (everyone I know is with vodafone so their bills and mine will be more expensive) but the fact that I hate my current nokia and have a buyer for my 5th Gen ipod softens the blow for me somewhat.

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