Why Apple Business Chat is Crucial for Your Business

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Mobile messaging is now the best way for businesses to connect with their consumers quickly, and on a closer, more personal level. Apple business chat is such one mode of mobile messaging. Business chat, which Apple launched in early 2017, offers the best customer experience as it allows them to access support, search, payments, and order tracking through iMessage. This is because Apple has integrated additional features in its messaging tool. These include Apple Calendar, Apple Pay, and Apple Maps.

Apple Calendar was unveiled seventeen years ago to help users keep track of meetings, deadlines, and other events that are important to them. Apple Maps is the web mapping service built by Apple, and is the default map system in iOS, watchOS, and macOS. It helps to estimate arrival times for pedestrians, automobiles, and public transportation. It also provides direction. The app was initially released seven years ago, in September 2012.  iMessage already enjoys massive usage as there are currently more than two billion iOS devices in circulation.

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How the service works

The customer will discover the messaging option within the apps and websites in Apple such as Safari Browser, Siri, and Apple Maps. When conversing with a client, the business and customers can perform a variety of activities that optimize the customer experience. These include;

  • Answering customer questions and scheduling appointments.
  • Allowing customers to schedule events using their personal calendars.
  • Accepting payment through Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash which helps to drive sales and revenue.
  • Order tracking.
  • Providing customers with a catalog.
  • Collecting personal information including phone numbers and addresses.

The benefits of Apple Business Chat

The following are the benefits that customer service teams can derive from business chat;

  • The ability to carry on multiple chats at a time which increases efficiency.
  • Widespread usage thanks to the many iOS owners.
  • Cutting down on phone and email conversations which are less ineffective.
  • If you want to experience real-world interactions, you can get a developer to link to QR Codes, photo uploads, and Core NFC.
  • It allows for more complex actions like booking a seat and ordering food from a menu list.
  • The chat service is integrated with customer support platforms such as LivePerson, Salesforce, Genesys, and Nuance.

How Apple Pay Cash will revolutionize payment services

With Apple Pay Cash, customers carry out low transactions without paying a dime to send money. The business will also receive money free of charge. This is because there are no middlemen involved so parties involved can save the 3%-5% cut that comes with middle parties.

Recently, Shopify partnered with Apple Business Chat to enable its merchants to use the Apple Pay feature and complete transactions without having to leave the chat room.

Proven customer satisfaction

According to a survey done by New Media Voice, 72% of customers will remain loyal to a company if they receive exceptional customer service, and that is what business messaging offers. The most important thing for a business is to make their customers feel valued.

An example of a business that has benefited from the business chat is the world’s most successful social media startup, Women’s Best. Women’s Best sells sports clothing and sports supplements via their online shop. The startup switched to messaging apps and heightened their customer experience to offer top-notch customer care. Their response time to customer inquiry halved and customers reported greater satisfaction with the prompt and effective service. About 85% of Women’s Best customers use their mobile devices, which has led to an increase in purchasing behavior and a 70% drop in email support.

More on Business Chat

Siri has to be the single most important aspect of Business Chat. It allows you to use voice as opposed to typing. Future developments will include making it possible for a Business form to answer the most common customer queries and complete basic commerce transactions. FaceTime is also a future possibility, where users will share live video interactions.

Customers who engage directly with a brand are more likely to convert, which translates to increased revenue for your business. Mobile messaging also creates a close connection between the business and the customer, hence building trust and loyalty.

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