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Plotagon is an app which allows you to create virtual worlds with your characters and do with them whatever you want. It is reminiscent of Second Life, which is still supposed to be the largest-ever 3D virtual world.

It also brings to mind The Sims, but there are a lot of differences.

The concept of Plotagon is not just about fun, though. There is an educational angle to the whole thing. Its creators say, “Have you ever wished your stories would turn into real animated videos? Plotagon is a playful new app making stories come to life, with you in the director’s seat. Create characters, put them in funny situations, and press play – it’s that simple.

Because of a simple game, future filmmakers might be born.

Plotagon takes things to an entirely new social level. The worlds you create, including the characters, can be shared. Of course, hashtags included.

virtual world app plotagon

There are different worlds/packages which you can join and participate in competitions, making the experience even more fun.

To make things relevant and up-to-date, Plotagon has highlighted some elections-related material. One can’t help but be bombarded by news about politicians and high-profile people who want to be politicians, and with this kind of environment, why go the satirical fun way instead?

There is now a “politics package” which the White House, debate stages, and more. Imagine creating silly videos of the candidates and sharing them on social media? That’s going to be fun for sure.

Plotagon is available for the iPhone and iPad, as well as PC and Mac. The app is free, but with in-app purchases.

Watch the explainer video below.

Plotagon in 45 seconds from Plotagon on Vimeo.

Download the apps here.

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