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I love Handbrake. Why? It’s a free DVD ripper for the Mac, that’s why. But more specifically, it can help turn your Mac into a media powerhouse.

For years, I’ve wanted to digitize my movie collection the same way my music was in iTunes. I remember spending hours burning my CDs to the hard drive, wondering when the pain would ever stop. Now that it’s done, I haven’t bought a physical CD in over 3 years. Why couldn’t I do the same thing with my music?

Turns out, I can, and Handbrake is the answer. I put in my DVD, and a few hours later it spits out a digital file in the format I’m looking for. Apple TV? Sure. iPhone? Got it. Whatever it is, I can download it to my hard drive easily and conveniently.

The only catch here comes with HD flicks. As of right now, no one makes a Blu-Ray player for the Mac, and until Apple decides to integrate it into the product line (hint, hint) there aren’t many other options. I could do it with a PC, sure, but that’s besides the point. For now, the only choice I have is to download HD movies from iTunes, and until their selection goes up, that’s what I’m left with.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to expand my collection via Handbrake. Want it? It’s free to all, so go get it.


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2 thoughts on “Handbrake: Your New Best Friend

  1. there are 3rd party manufacturers that make blueray disk drives for macs…they are expensive tho

    and Toast 10 can work with blueray

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