The Smiley Alarm Clock App May Put the Good in Your Morning

Smiley Alarm Clock

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This may or may not be the best app you’ll discover this week, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m not a morning person, although lately, I’ve been waking up way too early; and for the longest time, the default alarm clock on the iPhone has worked for me.

The trick: set up multiple alarms. After a while I get ticked off enough to actually crawl out of bed.

The Smiley Alarm Clock app puts a different twist to making that annoying alarm stop, and while it may sound silly, maybe in this case, silly is a good thing.

Instead of having to swipe on the screen to stop the alarm, what you need to do is SMILE.

Beyond the silliness, I can think of a couple of ways this method can work in a positive way:

  • You actually have to get your phone and point the screen at your face. That alone should help you wake up.
  • You have to smile, and smiling is good, yeah? Seriously, smiling to wake up might make your morning better.

Smiley Alarm Clock

The Smiley Alarm Clock is obviously built on facial detection technology, and the developers say there’s some emotion detection involved as well. If you don’t smile and give your grumpy look instead, then you’ll probably ruin things – not to mention your start to the day.

Don’t throw the idea out of the window till you give it a try. Get the Smiley Alarm Clock for FREE.

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