OSX Quicktip: Finder has built-in FTP

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quicktip.jpg Apple’s latest Pro Tip is one that I wasn’t aware of until today, but it should have been obvious I suppose…

You can use Finder as an FTP client.

Just open Finder, then in the menu bar under “GO” select “Connect To Server…”

Enter the server location, and click “Connect”…

If the server is password protected, you will need to put your access info in, and then BOOM – you’re connected, and it looks just like any other Finder window, so you can drag whatever files you want directly onto the server.

Very cool.

Update: Apple’s official site makes this look like it works both ways, but apparently it only works for downloading files from an FTP server…based on the comments of everyone below…

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8 thoughts on “OSX Quicktip: Finder has built-in FTP

  1. Yeah, it’s handy for FTP downloading, but I do hope they allow uploading in the future. It doesn’t replace full-fledged FTP apps, but it is convenient for the quick transfer or two.

  2. That’s not true! (At least not it 10.4.9). Finder has Read-only ftp, Apple should fix that in Leopard.

  3. Ryan’s correct – the built-in FTP is read only. You can drag-and-drop download, but you can’t upload.

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