iPhone Alarm Lets You “Wake Up With the World”

iphone alarm clock

The alarm goes off. Your hand flops around looking for your iPhone so you can hit snooze. What seems like a minute later, the alarm goes off again, and your hand moves on its own accord once again.
iphone alarm clock
Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

Isn’t that the usual scenario every morning?

Maybe Eric Rieper, a Pratt Institute MFA student, has had the same experience one time too many, that’s why he decided to create an app that makes waking up a little more interesting. His app, “Wake Up With the World”, does not really deal with that irritating experience of waking up when you still want to stay in bed, but it does add another dimension: a communal experience.

“Wake Up With the World” is an app which connects to other phones with the app installed, wherever in the world the phone may be. Each phone is then treated as a musical instrument, and takes on the role of either bass, lead, chords, or percussion.

With each phone alarm set to go off at a certain time, the app takes your GPS coordinates and translates these into musical notes, making your phone a contributor to a global orchestra. The more people participating, the longer the composition becomes.

Interesting, no?

It’s certainly something different from the usual “social” activities we do online, and while you might still struggle with waking up in the morning, “Wake Up With the World” gives you something new to play with. The best part? No one gets to see your morning face.

Download the app for free here.

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