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IHome is known for making all sorts of Apple-related products, including one of my favorites, the Dual Dock Alarm Clock Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What’s great about that particular system is that it’s not only an alarm, it’s also a charging station. Being that I keep my iPhone by my bed every night, this particular arrangement would work out pretty well. And since my wife keeps her iPhone there as well, it makes even more sense. Now someday I’ll take all that logical information and actually buy one.

But this latest situation is a bit different. It’s the same concept – clock radio and dock combination – but this holds your iPad.├é┬áNaturally, it’s called the App Enhanced Alarm Clock with Bluetooth and FM radio for iPad/iPhone/iPod. Here’s the marketing lingo:

The iA100 is an amazing app-enhanced, Bluetooth-enabled FM radio alarm clock for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Free iHome+Sleep app download offers custom alarms, sleep stats, social media alerts, weather, overnight news and more. You can adjust alarms, snooze times and EQ settings via the easy touch interface. Coveted Bongiovi Digital Power Station circuitry provides real-time digital signal processing that makes MP3s shine. A convenient Sync button syncs the clock to your iPhone (which is always current via cell phone towers) to set the time quickly. Impressive technology and an exceptional audio experience.

The fact that it will handle pretty much every device with a lowercase “i” in front of it sounds pretty cool, but it is a bit pricey. $199 for the device, and that’s a bit much for an alarm clock. But, if you have some disposable income and are looking for a dock that will do it all, this ain’t too bad.

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