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Everyone wants to save money on flights. Even those with cash to burn wouldn’t say no to making savings. Lucky for us, the travel sector has become so crowded and competitive that there are tons of ways to save money on flights – and other aspects of travel.

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We live in an age of low-cost airlines that allow more people to travel than ever before, but both business travelers and vacationers alike are still looking for ways to save money on flights and spend less on travel accommodations and rental cars. With a state of the art cash back app, you can make traveling more affordable – and even earn some money along the way.

Buy Airline Tickets In-App to Save Money on Flights and Earn Cash Back

Travel websites such as Expedia or Kayak revolutionized the way we buy tickets: now that finding the cheapest offer and buying a ticket online is a no-brainer, most customers do it themselves. However, there are more cost-effective ways to buy tickets: some cash back apps such as Spent can help you both earn money and save money on flights (you should really get to know this app).

How it works: you download an app, create an account and specify your bank card details to link it to your account. You can then search for flights, pay for them online and receive up to 5% cash back on the money spent. The money will be credited to your card automatically within 3 months.

The flight prices found in-app are just as good as those offered by popular travel websites, but the prospective cash back makes the app much more lucrative and appealing.

Book Your Travel Accommodations and Rental Cars In-App

save money on flights

Now that you’ve bought your tickets, it’s time to book a hotel and a rental car. Spent works with 900,000 hotels and the biggest car-rental companies to provide the lowest price and offer cash back on your expenses. Partnering with The Priceline Group, owner of the leading travel fare aggregator websites such as Booking.com Priceline.com, definitely plays its role in keeping the prices low.

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Booking through the app will earn you up to 6% cash back on hotel bookings and up to 3% on rental cars. You can choose and pay in-app or use the browser extension to shop from your desktop, either way, your rewards will be credited to your bank card linked to your account.

Find a Restaurant Nearby Using the App

save money on flights

Dining out is one of the most important parts of your travel, be it a business trip or a family vacation. Finding the right place is good, but being paid for it is even better. With Spent, you can use location services to find the restaurants nearby that offer cash back. Simply launch the app, open the map and choose the one that you like. In-app you will find all the necessary information, including the address, links to the restaurant’s website, and their cash back offerings.

Normally a visit to a partnering restaurant will earn you around 10% on your total spending, however, it can be as high as 30%! Read the descriptions carefully to choose the best offer and enjoy your meal.

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