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8 Hot Apple Watch Apps to Cool Travel Planning

apple watch travel apps

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This post was written by Natalie Akers, a freelance writer and reader out of Cincinnati, OH; aspiring cartographer and organizational whiz with a deep appreciation for dirt and design.

It’s summer again and we’re all ready to cash in our vacation days to relax. Unfortunately, planning the escape and getting there aren’t so carefree. While there are iPhone travel apps, this summer, the Apple Watch just might change the game. Whether you’re taking a road trip to Grandma’s or flying across the ocean, these Apple watch travel apps will ease any travelers’ planning pains.


Roadtrippers is a website and mobile app with over three million points of interest. Their newest addition to the family, the watch app, brings contextual location discovery to anyone looking for adventure.

apple watch travel apps

Open the “concierge” which will generate suggestions of relevant places based on the time of day and your interests. Select “Breakfast Spot” to find the locals’ favorite diners or “Fuel Up” and get to the nearest gas station ASAP. The best part about Roadtrippers? They guarantee you hand-curated data with photos, pricing, and more about extraordinary and offbeat places you won’t find anywhere else.

SPG App (Starwood Hotels and Resorts)

The parent company for W Hotels, Aloft, and Element is now offering a watch app that allows travelers to check in and access their room without a key! Users can also check their starpoints (a unique way to earn discounted bookings) and choose to be notified about you on promotions to save time and money.

American Airlines

Stay up to date on flight details without pulling out your boarding pass or phone. The app’s utility begins with calculating drive time to the airport and stays relevant even in the air by automatically updating estimated landing time. Finally, receive connecting gates and baggage claim info so you can hit the ground running.

GoodRide by All State

apple watch travel apps

GoodRide is the watch app for motorcycle riders. Track miles and stay up to date on your route by starting, stopping, and pausing directions directly from their wrist.

Open Table

The hugely popular app just got smoother. After you make your reservation, Open Table’s watch app keeps you on your game with gentle vibrating reminders to stay on time for your reservation and notify your friends.


Food delivery services might not be at the forefront of travelers’ minds, but when you’re taking a road trip across the country, it’s helpful to have access to quick food anywhere you go. The food delivery service, GrubHub released the app for Seamless users to re-order past selections and stay up to date on their delivery from order to door.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight’s mobile app is already applauded for the simplicity with which users can find and book classy and convenient hotels last-minute. The app is a perfect marriage for the wearables community where quick and easy are the objectives. With Hotel Tonight, you can find hotels, confirm your booking, and be reminded of checkin and check out times without pulling out your device.


Your trip itinerary lives on your wrist with TripIt’s new app watch. From flights to hotels to rental cars, you won’t miss a flight status update or your next tour appointment.

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