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Reinvent Your Workflow with Wunderlist


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Do you ever feel like your seemingly endless to-do list has totally taken over your workflow? You’re not alone.

It’s like cutting the head off the Hydra of Lerna, every time you complete one task, a few more get added to the bottom of your list. And at some point you realize that many of the things you have on your list will never get done. According to a informal study conducted by the good people at iDoneThis, about 41% of the things listed on to-do lists are never actually completed!

And if you listen to people like NY Times bestselling author Kevin Kruse, the massively successful people you look up to don’t use to-do lists at all.

Meanwhile, you’re to-do list keeps growing, weighing you down so that you never get anything done. Cue feelings of claustrophobia.


If all of this sounds sadly reminiscent of your workflow, you might wonder why anyone would want to write another to-do list, but for many of us, writing out to-do lists works like a brainstorm: we get everything out on paper so that we can prioritize and work through problems systematically. Some of us even get joy out of making them. Finding the right tool is key to organizing your thoughts and managing your list.

Shake Up Your To-Do List with Wunderlist

Wunderlist, available on iOS and OS X, is not just another to-do list for your iPhone and MacBook. This app is truly a game changer for tackling your unruly task list. Wunderlist is a hugely popular app, so many of you already know how useful this simple app is, but every day I’m surprised by people who have never heard of it! (Consider this a public safety announcement.)

Start using Wunderlist today and build customized lists for the home and the office, assign tasks to friends and family and set helpful reoccurring reminders! Throw out your old pen and paper and start getting work done today!

Getting Started

When you visit Wunderlist’s website, you can make an account for free and begin using it right away! Signing up is simple: all Wunderlist needs is your name, email and password. And you can even choose to sign in with your Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft Account.


From there, you can start adding your to-dos and even begin creating your own personalized to-do lists.

Awesome Features

Your To-Dos Are Always at Your Fingertips

Wunderlist syncs your to-do lists on each of your devices (including your Apple Watch), so you can move seamlessly from working at your iMac to your iPhone to your iPad. Since your to-do list is in the palm of your hand, you can easily add items on the go.

Sharing Your List

Sharing to-do lists is, by far, my favorite feature of Wunderlist. When I’m working on a special project with other members of the team, we all have Wunderlist open on our MacBooks. Because we can share to-do lists, with just a glance, I can see what my teammates are working on and how they’re progressing — something that is especially important if finishing my work depends on someone else finishing a task or two.

As the other people on your list start scratching things off, you’ll get notifications that the task has been completed. Notifications are a handy tool for setting the pace for your team and delivering by your deadline.

Take Your To-Do List Anywhere

Having your to-do list everywhere you go means that you can work on knocking things off while you’re riding the bus, lying in bed or walking down the street. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)


When you open Wunderlist’s iOS app, you’ll see a list of all your lists and folders that hold other lists. The folders might sound a little complicated, but they’re nifty.

In my own personal Wunderlist, I’ve made a few different folders and nested particular lists inside of them. For example, I have a folder for my home-related to-dos and another for my work. This helps me separate business from pleasure — if you can call going to the grocery store a pleasure.


Thankfully, the OS X app looks really similar to the iOS app, so moving from one to another immediately feels comfortable and familiar. On OS X, you can expand the app to practically fill your screen. Expanding the app makes it possible to see your list on the left side bar and the contents of the list itself on the right.

If you’re using a PC at home or at work, Wunderlist is still a great option. It’s browser-based app functions in much the same way as the Mac app and iPhone app. Using the browser-based app is an incredibly useful feature, especially whenever you’re just working at a computer temporarily.

More Than Just To-Dos: Beyond Your Workflow

Beyond just using Wunderlist to help organize and maximize my workflow, I also use it to help me remember things. For example, I have a reminder set for a day or two before the due date of each of my bills, so I never miss a payment. My grocery list is on the app, so I don’t have to worry about trying to read a hastily-written grocery list while I’m dodging carts in the aisle.

Put simply, if I can get something off my mind and onto a list, I do it. The less I have floating around in my head, the better I can focus on the task in front of me.

How do you use Wunderlist?

Wunderlist, like most productivity apps, is largely what you make of it, and everybody use case is a little different, so the more you use Wunderlist, the more it becomes your own. For readers who are already familiar with Wunderlist, how do you use it? How does it fit into your workflow? What tips do you have for Wunderlist newbies? Let us know in the comments below.

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