Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, July 31, 2015

paid ios apps gone free

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This week, we’ve got paid iOS apps gone free for you to welcome the weekend once again. This week’s apps are a mix of practical tools and games.

Paid iOS apps gone free


paid ios apps gone free

Here’s another To-Do app, and while you may feel that you’ve had enough of these apps, toDo+ is worth taking a look at. It has an intuitive and functional interface that makes the app appealing to use.

It’s very easy.
– Slide right to complete
– Slide left to delete
– Slide down to add new item

Manage the tasks quickly with widget.
– Task completion, priority setting available.
– Double-tap to see the details of the item.
– Show all or only one line by setting.
– You can easily add or complete items with Apple Watch.

Manage the tasks by groups.
– Press and hold the task to move to the group.
– Manage the GTD task by group.

Set the Alert.
– Daily, weekly, monthly, annual repeated setting available.
– Several alert sound available.

Manage more conveniently by separating the important task.
– You can see the important tasks of several groups at once.


paid ios apps gone free

Jetsetter? Shopaholic? Make sure you get the right size for your loved ones and friends back home. Avoid your partner’s wrath if you get the size wrong.

“Sizer application can help you to choose the right size of clothes in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan or Russia. All you need to know is one of the sizes — the application will tell the rest. Making a shopping trip to another country, online purchasing and an unexpected gift to your beloved will be easier when you can convert sizes on the go.”

Worms 3

free ios games

Now we get serious. Worms 3 is for free, and nothing more needs to be said.

Supermarket Management 2 (Full)

free ios games

I’m a huge fan of management games like this one, so it had to be included in the list.

The long-awaited sequel to Supermarket Management has just hit the shelves!
Do you have what it takes to run a busy supermarket? Now you have a chance to show everyone! Become the manager of a small roadside shop and end up as the owner of a competitive grocery chain in this addictive time management game. Serve customers quickly to keep them happy and earn more coins Then invest your profits in new equipment and hire additional workers so that you can grow your business. With its true-to-life scenario and gripping pace, Supermarket Management 2 reveals your true leadership abilities in a highly entertaining manner!


  • 49 challenging levels
  • 22 achievements to earn
  • Nine whimsical characters
  • Eight exciting mini-games
  • Five fascinating locations
  • Game Center Support
  • iPhone 5 support

The HD version is also available for free.

Like your home to be organized and clean all the time? Here’s a good resource: 6 iPhone Apps for Home Maintenance

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