6 iPhone Apps for Home Maintenance

iPhone apps for home maintenance

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Amid the busyness of life, so many home maintenance tasks fall by the wayside. From jobs as small as throwing away old leftovers to fixing the dryer, we tend to put off these tasks in favor of must-dos at work or school. But these apps are here to help you seamlessly incorporate home maintenance into your crazy life with schedules, customized tips and tricks, recommendations for local professionals, and other tools to help you keep track of the most important financial investment in your life. At Modernize, we are always looking for high-tech hacks that make home maintenance easier.

Here are 6 iPhone apps for home maintenance to help you.


BrightNest is a home managing hub. It will give you tips and articles customized to your needs, allow you to schedule your tasks and send helpful reminders. It’s a database of useful information on topics ranging from green and healthy living to creative DIY projects. Plus, it’s free!

If you have a list of projects on hand but don’t know when you’ll find the time, or aren’t quite sure how to complete a task, this app will make your home upkeep much easier. BrightNest is like having your own personal DIY network that features the projects most relevant to you right at your fingertips.


iPhone apps for home maintenance

Homezada isn’t just about home maintenance and repair, though it is structured to make those tasks easier. It’s also about staying up-to-date on financial metrics relating to your home and belongings and the costs of maintaining both. The app comes with ready-to-use templates for common projects, budgeting features, and a receipt tracker among so many other components that will help you feel in control of your house and property. With Homezada, putting your home on the market will be a much smoother experience with no surprises.

Chore Pad

iPhone apps for home maintenance

Do you have to constantly remind your kids to do their chores? The Chore Pad app allows you to create to-do lists for everyone in your family that can be updated and viewed in real time. When your kids complete chores on time, they receive stars and trophies that will earn them the rewards that you’ve established. Not only are all the to-dos in one place – they come with incentives! The themed backgrounds make the chore lists a little more fun than just a paper tacked on the back of the laundry room. The “I forgot” excuse will be hard to get away with when your family uses this app.


From touching up scuffed paint to renovating your home, one of the most frustrating problems homeowners run into is the inconvenience of mismatched paint colors. ColorSnap from Sherwin Williams is a color matching app that allows you to capture inspiring hues no matter where you are and match them to paint swatches in the Sherwin Williams inventory.

You can see the color of your choosing painted on a sample scene, which will allow you to get a better feel for how it will look when it’s a whole wall instead of just a swatch. This app will make swiping that first line of paint on the wall a little less intimidating, and it will probably save you the money you’d be putting down on colors that aren’t what you pictured.


Much like BrightNest, the HomeSavvy app from home advisor helps you keep track of your home maintenance and repair tasks. It will help you figure out what needs to be done and when you should take care of it. HomeSavvy gives expert advice on how to complete tasks yourself so that you can save money (and avoid waiting around for the repairman for a six-hour window). If you don’t feel comfortable doing a task yourself, the app can refer you to pre-screened professionals in your area to come and get the job done well.


iPhone apps for home maintenance

If what you want to set schedules, receive reminders, and stay organized, the HomeRoutines app is straightforward and simple. It sets daily or weekly reminders for the things that tend to slip your mind on occasion, such as putting out the recycling on the right day or checking your kids’ closets for dirty laundry.

The simplicity of it is what makes it so useful – you set goals for yourself, receive a timely reminder, and get it done. If you’re one of those people who enjoys checking things off the list and reviewing your accomplishments, this app is right for you.

There are so many tech tools available for organizing and structuring your life. Don’t miss out on iPhone apps that allow you to better protect such an enormous investment and streamline the daunting tasks that are calling your name.

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