5 Paid iOS Apps Free Today, February 15, 2016

paid ios apps gone free

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How did you fare over the weekend? I hope you had a great time, whether it was a Valentine’s Day thing or not.

With the day of hearts, flowers, and chocolate over, it’s time for some apps – some of them not exactly sweet.

Here are your paid iOS apps free today.

Paid iOS apps free today

Reduce – Batch Resize Images and Photos

paid ios apps free today

Resize your photos with ease starting today! Reduce lets you export your pictures optimized for the web.

Set the image dimensions and a file size limit and Reduce will determinate the best possible image quality for you.
Never struggle with images too large to upload.

But Reduce will do a lot more for you:

  • Batch-process multiple images
  • Resize the image to a specific dimension
  • Autodetection of the needed jpeg quality for a given file size
  • Alternatively use a fixed jpeg quality
  • Optionally sharpen the image to avoid softness caused by the resizing
  • Choose if you want to remove EXIF data like gps position or the used camera settings
  • Add a watermark or description to your photos
  • Use a border to seperate your photos from the background

Reduce is made with love by a photographer for photographers.



paid ios apps free today

MiniStats allows you to check your data usage and the status of your phone.

Your mobile data usage at a glance on your iPhone, your Apple Watch or in the widget.
Stop being afraid about your data cap and instantly recognize if you’re running out of data with the ring chart.

Ever wondered how much battery life your phone has left and wished you can check it from your wrist?

Want to see your phone’s connectivity without taking it out of the pocket?

Then MiniStats is the app you need.

• Mobile Data Usage counter
• Works with all carriers
• Notifications
• Current transfer speeds
• Monthly / 30days / weekly / daily plans
• Statistics for last days
• Connected WiFi network
• Mobile connection type (3G, LTE, …)
• Battery state of your phone
• Free disk space

See whether your connection has stalled or is still transferring data, when your phone seems to be loading forever.

Use it as a speedmeter to see how fast another app is loading over your current connection.

Receive notifications when a specific amount of your data volume is reached.


Emoji Me Face Maker – Animated Avatar Creator

paid ios apps free today

Custom design animated emoji faces that look like you, your friends, and your favorite celebrities.

  • Every face is animated!
  • Make them for all your friends!
  • Combine emojis into fun pictures. Choose from many different expressions (happy, sad, tired, mad), and add in fun phrases and cute objects (thumbs up, food, beer, football!) to your messages.
  • Make your favorite celebrity emojis and see if your friends can guess who they are.
  • Send via iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Save to photos and then use as your avatar for Phone contact pics and in chat apps.
  • Over 1 trillion combinations!

Contact us from the app and send photos of other hairstyles, hats, and anything else you need to make personalized emoji faces.


The Martian: Official Game

paid ios apps gone free

Based on the best selling novel and critically acclaimed film, The Martian is a real time, text based adventure game that tells the story of Astronaut Mark Watney who finds himself stranded on Mars. Play as a NASA communications specialist and Mark’s sole contact with Earth in this riveting story of survival against all odds. You choose the story path that will ultimately decide Mark’s fate.

Accept your mission and BRING HIM HOME.

Communicate with Mark in real-time using the Ares III messaging system. Guide him through crucial and difficult decisions to ensure his survival.

Provide Mark with the right advice before time runs out. Remember, science matters! The wrong information could put Mark’s life in jeopardy.

Keep Mark healthy, safe and calm by keeping a constant eye on his real-time vitals on your Apple Watch.

Provide Mark with life-saving information collected from a diverse team of experts you unlock along the way.

Your decisions affect the story outcome. Play again, make different choices and experience different twists and turns.

The Martian: Bring Him Home contains no in-app-purchases or ads.


1000m Zombie Escape!

paid ios apps gone free

Waddle 1000m through a devastated city filled with a rampaging zombie infestation for a slim chance of salvation—easy peasy!

Twiddle those thumbs with timely taps to gracefully glide forward, slipping through sliver-like openings between the oncoming zombie horde like a polygonal Houdini.

  • Play as much as you want, whenever you want
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Unique art design
  • Lots of fun characters to unlock
  • High quality music and design
  • Try to best your friends’ records, conveniently displayed for you in game

“A city suddenly overrun by a zombie apocalypse! The rescue helicopter is only 1000m away! Probably!”

When Grace left the frat party, the streets were crawling with undead! The rescue helicopter is (probably) only 1000 meters away, but her legs are paralyzed with fear—she must waddle her way to freedom!

You’ve got to time her “elegant pirouettes” and guide her 1000m to safety. Do you have what it takes to master movement in this splay-legged world and bring the host of colorful characters to salvation?


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